‘Zari’ the lion welcomes 3 cubs at Lincoln Park Zoo


CHICAGO — An African lion at Lincoln Park Zoo gave birth to three cubs on Monday.

Last month, staff at the Pepper Family Wildlife Center announced Zari, a 4-year-old African lion, was pregnant.

The zoo’s den camera caught the births in full. The cubs have yet to be sexed or named and appear healthy.

The zoo said the cubs began nursing with Zari within their first hours. In the next few days, they will be more mobile and begin to open their eyes. Over the next few weeks, the cubs will remain behind the scenes as they grow in size and strength and remain dependent on Zari, Lincoln Park Zoo said.

Zari was recommended to breed with 5-year-old male African lion Jabari.

This is their second successful birth as Zari gave birth in March 2022 to Pilipili.

Watch the full video here.

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