Working Mom Shares Tips On How To Expand A Side Hustle Into A Successful Growing Business


A ‘madiskarte mom’ Karen Arguelles shared on Facebook group, Madiskarte Moms PH, her inspiring business journey.

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It’s always been said that you shouldn’t underestimate side hustles because it can turn into a successful big business. Mommy Karen shared how her side hustle or online business grew and expanded into a growing business.

According to her, it was a risk for her to start an online business back in 2019. She launched her business,Toys N Tots PH, selling foldable playmats. Starting a business is no easy task, but she faced all odds to make it work.

She added, “I must admit, it wasn’t an easy journey especially at first when you have to make your starting business/ brand known from scratch. But since ginusto ko ’to, I have to make it work and more patience, of course!”

In 2020, Mommy Karen’s business was among the fortunate ones who thrived during the pandemic. Her initial batch of playmats sold out quickly, so she had to order another batch. Soon, she decided to expand her business and ordered more products and items to sell. Aside from playmats, she has playfence, educational toys, and more. Her DIY Felt Christmas Tree also became a big hit.

Image by Madiskarte Moms PH via Facebook

According to Mommy Karen, her journey was not a walk in the park, but she learned the important value of never giving up. She wrote, “Again, hindi siya madali and you have to go through some challenges but the most important for me is, TO NEVER STOP.”

She also gave advice to those aspiring mompreneurs to start from where their passion is.

“Start from where your passion is, para hindi mo feel na you’re working. You got to love what you’re doing para may foundation ka na. Then to follow, of course ang sales/ revenue,” Mommy Karen shared.

Image by Madiskarte Moms PH via Facebook

She gave more useful advice and tips:

1. Never stop learning.

“Wag gawing excuse ang “hindi ko alam”. Halos lahat ng hindi mo alam, nasa internet net and it’s free! Use it wisely.”

2. Don’t give up

“I truly believe na meron nakalaang side hustle na magwowork for you. Kasi pag nag give up ka na, especially when you’re just starting, ikaw din ang talo.”

3. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

“It’s okay na magkamali or malugi minsan that’s part of doing business. But make sure to learn from it. Correct it and move forward.”

4. Go with the flow!

“When the pandemic hit, who would have thought na magiging malakas ang online business? Marami nawalan ng work pero marami din ang naging successful ang business through online.”

Mommy Karen also advised mompreneurs to explore other online shopping platforms like TikTok, which offers only 1% transaction fee.

We hope this post is helpful to you as you start your business. Like Mommy Karen, work hard and be determined. Good luck!

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