Women targeted in series of midday robberies in Lincoln Park, police say


CHICAGO — Police are warning Lincoln Park residents about an uptick in robberies over the last three weeks.

Authorities say locals have reported more than a dozen incidents where women are the targets of broad daylight thefts.

Jordan Maher, who lives along the 3100 block of N. Broadway, said she’s bothered by the series of robberies.

“It does make me nervous because you never know,” Maher said. “I don’t like to walk alone, especially in the evenings.”

It was in the 3100 block of N. Broadway where a woman’s bag was snatched while she sat on her patio, according to police. The robberies, which mostly occur in the middle of the afternoon, appear to be connected, police added.

“I didn’t realize it was happening during the day as much either,” Maher said.

Other locations are:

  • 2700 block of North Pine Grove 
  • 2500 block of North Lakeview  
  • 2600 block of North Hampden Court (twice)
  • 400 block of West Deming Place 
  • 400 block of West Arlington Place 
  • 500 block of West Surf Court 
  • 2400 block of North Lakewood Avenue  
  • 3100 block of North Broadway  
  • 300 block of West Fullerton  

The pattern generally involves two or three young men who target women — in some cases knocking them to the ground, taking their belongings and fleeing the scene — making their getaway, at times, in stolen vehicles.   

Niamh Browne said her friend was just mugged over the weekend.

“You got the air pods in, you’re looking at the phone, you don’t know what’s going on around you,” Browne said.”

Browne says that vigilance is key, especially for those who may let their guard down in what’s typically thought of as a safe area.

“Got to be alert, stay off those phones, have your wits about you,” Brown said. “A lot of people are targeted because they’re on their phones.

“Lakeview, Lincoln Park are beautiful areas, safe generally, but you still have to be vigilant. You’re in a big city. Crime is everywhere.”

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