Wind, driven rains, then a drop in temps: Skilling tracking winter storm


Strong winds and significant rains are head toward Chicago Tuesday into Wednesday night.

Wind driven rains to produce Chicago’s heaviest rain tally in three months

Models suggest rainfalls will be in the 1-1.80″ range, making the incoming storm system the wettest here since September.

That’s not all bad news, uncomfortable as the weather will be. Precip in Chicago since Sept 1 has been just 54% normal, down nearly 4.50″ from normal.

Precip is likely to break Thursday morning. We may even see some sun after what by then will have been a seven day stretch of sunshine-extinguishing clouds.

Colder air threatens snow showers as temps turn colder later this week

But that break will be short.

The storm’s backwash clouds and rain — then snow showers or flurries — sweep in beginning a temp pullback which is to limit weekend highs to the 20s and circulate arctic air into the air next week into Christmas (the following weekend).

For the latest weather updates, check out the WGN Weather blog.

Models have latched onto a system in the Wednesday night through Friday time frame which will have to be monitored. It may be our ticket to snow and to a White Christmas.

Next week is to come in 17-deg colder than this week with an average temp 13-deg below normal. That’s a jarring weather change and hints at Christmas weekend temps in the teens with lows in single digits.

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