White Sox, Bulls reign in gear sales, per Lids


CHICAGO – One of the biggest ways that fans support their team is through what they wear while watching or attending a game.

Often the most devoted fanbases find themselves at the top of the merchandise sales, which are released by companies from time to time.

Over the last week, Lids has released some of the findings, and there are two Chicago teams in particular who have done well so far in 2022.

(Courtesy: Lids)

The White Sox have bragging rights over the Cubs when it comes to Lids’ sales numbers in the 2022 season as they were the top seller in the State of Illinois.

(Courtesy: Lids)

When it comes to national sales, the White Sox were third among major league teams on Lids’ list with the Cubs not even making the top ten. The Yankees and Dodgers were ahead of the White Sox on that list followed by the Braves, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Astros, Padres, Pirates, and Giants.

(Courtesy: Lids)

Meanwhile, the Bulls dominated the 2022 offseason sales in the NBA, with the team selling the most gear in the league at Lids and the top-selling team in 28 different states, including Illinois.

(Courtesy: Lids)

When it came to embroidered hats, the Bulls had three players in the Top Ten with DeMar DeRozan at No. 3, Coby White at No. 9, and Alex Caruso at No. 10. Ja Morant of the Grizzlies was No. 1 on that list.

(Courtesy: Lids)

When it comes to jerseys, however, it’s former Bulls that dominate Lids’ list:

  • No. 2 – Scottie Pippen
  • No. 5 – Michael Jordan
  • No. 10 – Dennis Rodman

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