When isolated t-storms will roll across the area



–THE WEATHERS to give us an OFTEN-WINDY RIDE UP AND DOWN THE THERMOMETER THIS WEEK—a week which begins with just 2 days left in the 2022 METEOROLOGICAL FALL SEASON—and a week in which we welcome (or at least acknowledge) the arrival of DECMBER 2022—and with it the 2022-23 METEOROLOGICAL WINTER SEASON

–We come off a weekend which as 12-degrees warmer than last into a week which will—unlike last week which was 5-deg above normal—will be closer to normal.

–But the NEAR NORMAL WEEKLY AVERAGE TEMP belies the fact we’re going to experience the full range of late November/early December temps—sweeping into the 50s Tuesday—then crashing through the 30s Wednesday.

–WIND is to be quite a factor this week—building in gusts as high as 44 mph from the south Tuesday—the roaring in with colder, early season arctic air in tow Wednesday and wind gusts likely topping 45 mph.

–Wednesday’s winds may be particularly strong since west winds will “stack” vertically tens of thousands of feet through the atmosphere—as set known to foster the “mix down” of especially strong wind gusts at the surface. And not only will thermometer readings drop off Wednesday—starting at 40 and ending up in the mid to upper 20s—but WIND CHILLS WILL DROP TO SINGLE DIGITS OR LOW TEENS BY WEDNESDAY EVENING

–Temps rebound to within striking distance of 50 for a day Friday—then crash again amid powerful winds Saturday.

–NEXT WEEK will see even colder air take hold. While this week will come in 7-deg colder than last; NEXT WEEK is likely to see the full week average temp pull back another 10 deg.

–We’ll be monitoring two potential wintry precip producers in the coming week—the first later Sunday and Sunday night—and a second system later Monday and Monday night. 


TONIGHT:  Mainly cloudy and breezy. Not as cold. Low 39.

TUESDAY: A good deal of cloudiness, becoming quite windy and milder. Scattered afternoon rain showers impacting 30% of the area.  Wind gusts topping 40 mph are likely to take hold. High 53—a reading 10-deg ABOVE NORMAL.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Showery, isolated thunder possible. Then windy and turning sharply colder. Wind continues gusting to 40 mph. Low 39.

WEDNESDAY: Becoming mostly sunny—but very windy and much colder. High 34—falling into the 20s. Wind chills drop to the upper teens or low 20s before nightfall. Wind gusts top 45 mph at times.

THURSDAY: A good deal of sunshine, cold and not as windy—though 8 to 18 mph west winds which veer southerly later in the day are anticipated. High 34.

FRIDAY: Cloudier than not, windy and milder. High 49.

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny, windy and colder. 40+ mph wind gusts likely. High 42.

SUNDAY: Cloudy. Snow or a wintry mix develops. High 40.

MONDAY: Cloudy—another round of chilly rain, snow or a wintry mix likely. High 41.

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