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What You Need To Know As A Consumer When Moving


1. Your Mover’s Liability and Your Claims

The value and safekeeping of your belongings is the moving company’s responsibility. Interstate moving companies should have different liability options that apply to interstate moves, as mandated by Federal law. The different liability options are Full Value Protection, Released Value Protection, and Third-Party Insurance.

A. Full Value Protection
The Full Value Protection states that the moving company is responsible for compensating for the value of the lost or damaged goods. This is more expensive than the Released Value Protection as it offers more comprehensive protection on your belongings.

If any of your items are lost, destroyed, or damaged, your mover will either offer the following:

  • Item repair
  • Item replacement
  • Cover the repair or replacement cost

You should get the moving company’s Full Value Protection plan specifics in writing since the moving company and the deductible levels of liability that can lower your total cost can affect the actual cost of the plan.

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