What will the upcoming winter be like?




Sea surface temperature anomalies observed Tuesday, October 25, 2022

This image (below) of the Pacific basin shows two major influences that may play a role in what kind of upcoming winter Chicagoans may experience.  
Most striking is the abnormally cold water in the equatorial Pacific (blue shaded strip from the coast of Peru, westward to near the Solomon Islands). The other major feature is the pool of very warm water in the north Pacific (dark red are from northern Japan to south of the Aleutians).  
La Ninas typically bring wild swings in winter temps across the Midwest and southern Great Lakes.  Such winters may feature near normal temps, but with large deviations within the 3-month period.  
Abnormally warm water in the north Pacific and Gulf of Alaska tends to favor warm winter temps across western North America and colder than normal weather across the Great Lakes. 

Latest observation of climate predictors lend credence to the current winter outlook

The 2022-23 winter outlook released last week forecasts the northern Illinois region to have temperatures averaging near normal with precipitation running above normal. This would suggest an above normal snowfall season. 

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