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Every season is an ideal time to visit Canada, but winter is extra special here. With beautiful white landscapes, Christmas spirit in the air, and so many fun activities, a Canadian winter vacation will be one that you will never forget.

However, the freezing temperatures this time of year are no joke. Thus, if you’re planning a winter getaway, come prepared. To help you, we’ve put together this guide on what to wear in Canada in winter.

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Discover the top Canada winter clothes and outfit ideas for your upcoming adventure below.

Canadian winter

What To Pack For Canada During Winter

Winter is the easiest season to dress for, as everywhere is extremely cold. Thus, you’ll need your warmest garments and plenty of thick layers.

In addition, a thick, insulating coat is mandatory, along with winter accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves.

Here is our suggested packing list for Canada winter clothes.

Family traveling in Canada during winter

Winter Coat

If there is one thing you should not go to Canada in the winter without, it’s a thick, insulated winter coat. Trust me, thin jackets do not cut it for Canadian winters!

Moreover, a coat is not something you should skimp on; choose quality over a low price tag, and you’ll stay toasty all day long.

We also recommend coats that go past the hips, as they help keep your mid-body warm.

For example, this Columbia Women’s Suttle Mountain Long Insulated Jacket is ideal. It features faux-down insulation, Omni-Heat thermal reflective material, and an adjustable storm hood to protect you from frigid temperatures, strong winds, and light snow.

For men, the Carhartt Yukon Extremes Loose Fit Insulated Coat is an excellent option as it features 3M Thinsulate insulation and wind fighter technology.

Traveler in Canada in winter

Hoodies & Sweaters

You’ll wear hoodies and sweaters daily, so include plenty when packing your winter clothes for Canada. Fleece hoodies, turtleneck cable-knit jumpers, and wool sweaters are all excellent choices.

This Sidefeel Hooded Fleece Lined Cardigan is an excellent choice for women. For men, this Zip Up Thick Sherpa Lined Hoodie by Geek Lighting is fantastic for blocking out the cold winds.

For women, sweater dresses paired with thick tights or leggings also make a fab winter outfit. We particularly love this V-neck knit sweater dress in orange.


Baselayers can be short or long sleeve t-shirts, though we recommend plenty of the latter.

Moreover, suppose you’re planning on doing outdoor activities. In that case, it’s best to bring thermal base layers like this 100% merino wool thermal shirt by MERIWOOL or this ultra-soft thermal top by 32 DEGREES.

Consider base layers for your lower body, too, such as leggings for women and long johns for men.

You can wear these under your pants for extra warmth on particularly chilly days (or every day if you’re sensitive to the cold). You can get base layer sets, including tops and bottoms like this one by WEERTI.

Long Pants

If wearing base layers, all types of long pants make suitable Canada winter clothes, such as jeans, sweatpants, and cargo pants.

For women, I also recommended packing a few pairs of fleece-lined leggings like these ones by ZUTY, as these are insulating enough to be worn alone. They are also practical for all occasions, from working out to shopping to sightseeing.

An alternative for men is Sherpa lined sweatpants like this pair by Flygo that are lined with thick and soft warm fleece. They are excellent for all casual occasions and warm enough to be worn without a base layer.


Boots are the warmest footwear, so they are naturally the most common type of shoes you’ll need for winter in Canada. Moreover, there are boots for all sorts of occasions.

If you’re somewhere with sufficient snowfall, we recommend investing in a good quality pair of snow boots like those from Hsyooes. They have a sturdy non-slip rubber sole, faux fur lining, and waterproof upper.

If you’re planning to make the most of Canada’s great outdoors, you’ll need a warm, durable, and waterproof pair of hiking boots. These ones by AX Boxing are specifically designed for winter as they have a warm fur lining from top to insole.


Moving onto winter accessories, be sure to pack a few different winter scarves. Thin, fall-style viscose scarves are not enough to warm you in Canadian winters.

Instead, choose long and thick shawls like this one from Wander Agio that gives additional coverage and warmth to your entire neck and chest region. Cashmere is another great option, such as this men’s soft and warm winter plaid scarf from FULLRON.


Keeping your head and ears warm is vital during winter in Canada. You can choose different styles of winter hats, from fleece-lined beanies to trooper hats to knit ski caps with visors like this stylish one by Hindawi.

For beanies, look for one that gives full ear coverage, like this cute women’s pom-pom beanie by HUAMULAN. Finally, for men that love baseball caps, look for a fleece-lined version like this one by Carhartt that has ear flaps and is resistant to light rain and snow.


Nowadays, many high-quality winter gloves allow you to use your smartphone without taking them off each time. For men, we recommend these Goodthreads Sherpa Gloves with snug-fitting cuffs to keep cold air out and a touch screen function in the thumb and forefinger.

For women, this 3 pack of winter gloves by Dimore is both stylish and warm. They have an inner layer of fleece, touch-screen fingers, and a classic, timeless design.
Travel Outfit Ideas For Canada In Winter

Now that you know what to wear in Canada in winter, we’re sharing some of our favorite stylish yet cozy outfits to inspire you for your upcoming trip.

Outfits For Men

Here are three Canadian winter travel outfit ideas for men.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Winter is a terrific season to explore Canada’s breathtaking landscapes despite the low temperatures. Create a warm and comfortable hiking outfit with these Astero Winter Hiking boots in gray and these Aprsfn Fleece Lined Active Sweatpants in black.

Up top, wear the MAGCOMSEN Hoodie Sherpa Fleece Pullover in black underneath the Pioneer Camp Thermal Hybrid Hiking Coat in gray. It is waterproof and windproof with insulation panels and brushed fleece lining.

City Explorer

Whether you’re checking out Toronto or Vancouver, you’ll want to look fab yet feel toasty. So build your look starting with these SOREL Explorer Drift Waterproof Boots in Tawny Buff. They provide extra-grip traction in icy conditions, have insulation, and the suede uppers are waterproof.

Pair your boots with the FREDD MARSHALL Fleece Lined Slim Fit Jeans in navy blue. Then add the Champion Authentic Originals Men’s Sueded Fleece Sweatshirt in green luck heather shade. Finally, add another layer of warmth with the Calvin Klein Sherpa Lined Quilted Coat in black.

Winter Sports Lover

If you’re heading to Canada to make the most of the country’s fantastic winter sports, you’ll need an outfit that will keep you warm and dry all day long.

Start with these mid-calf snow boots by Silent Care and these BenBoy Waterproof Windproof Fleece Cargo Ski Pants in black/gray. They are slim fit, so they easily tuck into your snow boots to trap body heat.

Keep your upper body warm with this Scodi Heavyweight Fleece Sweatshirt and a high-quality ski jacket like the Moerdeng Waterproof Ski Jacket. It is filled with 2400-needle cotton for ultimate heat retention. Remember your base layers, hat, and gloves!

Outfits For Women

Here are three Canadian winter travel outfit ideas for women.

Traveler in Canada in winter

Outdoor Enthusiast

Trek for hours in total comfort and warmth with this winter-ready hiking outfit. Start with the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Shoes in black/poppy red and these BALEAF Fleece Lined Water Resistant Leggings in navy.

Match these cozy leggings with the Haellun Fleece Sherpa Lined Pullover in navy. Then add a final layer of warmth with the Little Donkey Andy Women’s Insulated Hiking Jacket in black.

City Explorer

Dress to impress with the DREAM PAIRS Mid Calf Fashion Winter Boots in oussie-brown. They have a soft plush faux fur lining, finished with padded faux fur insole for all-day warmth and comfort.

Pair these with the stylish ANRABESS Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress in brown and a pair of black thermal leggings or tights. Then, for your outer layer, choose this FARVALUE Fleece Lined Parka in black, which is rain, snow, and windproof.

Winter Sports Lover

Avoid getting a chill with maximum insulation from head to toe, whether snowshoeing, snowboarding or ice climbing. Start with these Winter II Water-Resistant Fur Lined Anti-Slip Snow Boots in wine. They have a drawstring closure to prevent any cold air from getting inside.

Pair these with the MAGCOMSEN Fleece Lined Winter Pants in army green and this Soft Teddy Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt in taupe. Finally, add a last layer of protection with the GEMYSE Waterproof Insulated Snow Jacket in wine.

Final Thoughts On What To Wear In Canada During Winter

Canada is beautiful in all seasons, including winter. However, a winter trip does mean freezing weather, so it’s vital to pack the right winter clothes for Canada.

With plenty of layers and fleece-lined garments, you’ll be warm and comfortable enough to enjoy the delights of Canadian winter.

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