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While most tourists head to Canada’s largest city in the summertime, spring is an underrated season to visit Toronto.

Finally, the weather is pleasant, outdoor activities start to reopen, and the flowers give some color to the city after a long, dark winter.

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Another pro of visiting Toronto in spring instead of summer is fewer crowds. So if huge groups of tourists taking photos and blocking the view make you queasy, you’ll be keen to learn what to do in Toronto in spring.

Toronto in Spring, Canada

Visiting Toronto In Spring

Spring is a transitional season, so it could be cold or warm depending on when you visit Toronto. Here’s what to expect regarding the weather and things to do in March, April, and May.

Toronto In March

Toronto in March is still very cold, so if you’re visiting during this month, you’ll still need plenty of layers and winter clothes. The average daytime temperature is 5° while nighttimes typically get as cold as -2°.

March is a quiet month in Toronto as it’s still cold, and there isn’t much going on. It doesn’t feel like spring yet, so if you want spring vibes, you might prefer to wait until April.

Snow is still on the ground, so you can enjoy the last weeks of ski season at the ski resorts in Southern Ontario.

Toronto In April

By April, spring is finally in the air, and the temperatures rise to a comfortable level. Even so, you’ll still need jumpers and jackets as it typically reaches around 11° during the day and 4° at night.

The city is also getting livelier around this time. There are plenty of events, such as easter celebrations, Riverside Wine and Craft Beer Fest, and High Park Cherry Blossoms.

It’s also an ideal time for creatives to visit, as there are many fantastic events like Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival, Images Festival, and Fashion Art Toronto.

Toronto In May

Weather-wise, May is an ideal month to visit Toronto. Daytime temperatures average a comfortable 18°, and at night, it rarely drops to single figures.

The days are also long, with the sun not setting until after 8 pm.

Because of the excellent weather, May is a fab month to visit to enjoy Toronto’s outdoor activities and nearby nature.

Things To Do In Toronto In Spring

As the city thaws out, Toronto slowly comes back to life in the spring. After a long winter in hibernation, locals are eager to get outdoors again, and for a good reason – there are plenty of beautiful spots to explore.

See The Cherry Blossoms In High Park

Like other Canadian cities, springtime equals an eruption of colorful cherry blossoms.

Late April to early May is the best time to see these pretty cherry trees in full bloom, so if you’re in town around this time, head to High Park.

High Park is the best place in Toronto to witness the Cherry Blossoms. Most of them are around Hillside Gardens, but you’ll also find a few scattered around Duck Pond.

If you want to view the Cherry Blossoms in a less crowded space, head to Center Island instead.

There are around 30 Japanese cherry trees at the south end of the bridge near the fountain. This spot is much lesser known and less frequented than High Park.

Toronto cherry blossoms, Canada



Wander Around The Vibrant Neighborhoods

Winter is far too cold to spend more time outdoors than needed. However, with the arrival of spring, you can start to wander around the city’s colorful streets without your bones freezing!

So, where should you explore? The waterfront is a fantastic starting point, with a serene vibe, incredible views, and many cafes, bars, and restaurants you can stop at along the way.

Moreover, as there are designated biking and walking paths, you can cycle if you prefer.

Another must-visit is The Beaches. Although it probably won’t be warm enough to sunbathe, The Beaches offers a much more relaxed vibe than Toronto downtown and has a relatively “untouched nature” feel. Plus, it’s super easy to reach by tram.

You’ll also want to check out Yorkville if you’re a fashionista. Here you will find all the top luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, Tiffany, and many more.

Aside from shopping, there are also some excellent fine-dining restaurants here.

Yorkville, Toronto, Canada

Explore The Farmer’s Markets

Toronto boasts many incredible farmer’s markets where you can get your hands on many organic and seasonal local delights.

The most popular is St. Lawrence Farmers Market in Old Town, which National Geographic named one of the top food markets worldwide.

St. Lawrence has been operating since 1803, and today it offers a diverse selection of goods.

Along with an impressive array of locally sourced food products, you’ll also find tons of locally-made jewelry and clothing.

The renowned Farmers Market is open every Saturday until 3 pm, so get there early. If you’re not in town on a Saturday, don’t worry, as the regular market there is open every day except Mondays.

For food, I recommend grabbing a bagel from St. Urbain Bagel Bakery and a cinnamon bun from Ali’s.

Or if you’re keen to try a proper local treat, get the famous peameal bacon sand­wich at Carousel Bakery.

St. Lawrence Farmers Market, Toronto, Canada

Spend A Leisurely Afternoon In Kensington Market

Kensington Market is the most vibrant and diverse neighborhood in Toronto and a must-visit for all. It has a very bohemian vibe, attracting all sorts of creatives.

You’ll find many indie shops, art galleries, vintage boutiques, and hipster cafes here.

Kensington Market is also known for its diverse food choices, offering almost every cuisine in the world. You’ll find incredible dishes from Mexico, Italy, the Caribbean, Vietnam, China, and more in this small neighborhood.

With such a fusion of flavors and energy, there is so much to smell, see, and taste here. Thus, come on an empty stomach and take your time exploring these vibrant streets.

Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada

Take A Ferry To The Toronto Islands

The Toronto islands make a fabulous day trip, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without traveling far.

Ferries depart every hour at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, going to Centre Island, Ward’s Island, and Hanlan’s Point.

It’s a great place to visit in the spring as there are many lovely places to walk, such as Hanlan’s Point Beach, Hanlan’s Point Park, and Ward’s Island Boardwalk.

You’ll also find many gorgeous nature trails leading to excellent spots like Gibraltar Point Lighthouse and Toronto Islands Lookout. The latter gives an incredible vista of the city skyline!

The Centreville Amusement Park is also here, which is small but still great fun for kids and adults alike.

When you get hungry, head to Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co for lunch and a cold beer on their outside patio, where you can enjoy outstanding city views.

Toronto islands, Toronto, Canada

Admire The Plants At Allan Gardens Conservatory

Suppose you’re unlucky enough to experience a very cold or rainy day during your Toronto spring trip (it is a transitional season, after all). In that case, there’s one place you can stay dry and warm.

Allan Gardens Conservatory is an indoor botanical garden housed in a 1900s cast-iron & glass dome.

While it’s not huge, there are three halls with plants and flowers from different parts of the world.

You’ll also spot plenty of tropical fish, including Koi and turtles! Plus, it’s free to enter and conveniently located next to two downtown tram stops!

Allan Gardens conservatory, Toronto, Canada

Take A Day Trip To Niagara Falls

If you’re visiting Toronto and are here for more than a few days, it makes sense to take a day trip to the world-famous Niagara Falls.

It’s just a 2-hour drive, and many tour companies in Toronto offer tours if you want to avoid renting a car and driving yourself.

While summer is the most popular time to visit Niagara Falls, it’s also incredibly crowded. That’s why spring is the perfect time to go – there are minimal crowds, yet the weather is not too cold.

What’s more, millions of tulips bloom here in the spring months, making the immense falls look even more beautiful.

In fact, I recommend stopping at the Centennial Lilac Garden on the way there, which is very close to the Niagara hiking trail and the cute butterfly conservatory.

Niagra falls, Canada

Final Thoughts On What To Do In Toronto In Spring

You won’t get t-shirt weather and sunbathing temperatures in Toronto in spring. But the climate is warm enough to explore the city’s beautiful sights and activities.

Thus, you won’t be at a loss for what to do in Toronto in spring.

Moreover, this list is just a handful of the many things to do in Canada’s largest city, so whether you’re visiting for a weekend or two weeks, you’ll have endless fun.

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