What Steps Should I Take After my Car Accident?


Unfortunately, accidents happen. If you have been involved in one, you need to think quickly while remaining as safe as you can under the circumstances. Furthermore, you need to follow the following steps to protect yourself and your rights as well.

Seek medical treatment

Seek medical treatment

Seeking treatment is the most important thing to do after sustaining injuries in a crash. You should assess the injuries you have sustained and go to a medical facility if possible. Even if you think your injuries are very minor, you should still get a medical check-up to see whether you have sustained any internal injuries, so they can be treated so as not to cause health complications in the future.

After being checked by a medical professional, and you have been prescribed medication or told to engage in follow-up care, you should follow these instructions accordingly. Failing to do so will not only put your health at risk, but will also weaken any personal injury claim that you might file later on.

Call law enforcement officers

Call law enforcement Police officers

You should call police officers immediately after the crash, so they can send ambulances and also be present at the scene of the crash. The officers will create a police report of the collision, which will be important in supporting your injury claim.

Gather evidence

Gather evidence Car Accident

Before leaving the scene, you should collect all the important information from the other drivers who were involved in the collision such as their names, drivers’ license plates, addresses, vehicle license plate numbers, and their auto insurance information.

Furthermore, you should collect contact information from the witnesses. In addition, you should take photographs of the damaged vehicles involved in the crash, your injuries, the weather condition, and the condition of the road as well. This evidence will play a crucial role in making your claim successful.

Record important details about the unfortunate event

write down notes about the car crash

If you’re physically able to, you should write down notes about the crash. Since trauma can affect the brain, your memories about the crash might shift or fade over time. However, when you record details from the time immediately before and after the crash, it may be an important reference for your healing and may also help your attorney who’s working on your case.

Notify the insurance companies

After the collision, you should inform your insurance company about the crash and provide a clear and accurate narrative about how it occurred. However, before you give the insurance company a statement, you should seek legal counsel from an attorney who prevents you from mistakenly ruining your claim.

Contact an attorney

Understandably, after a collision, the victim may be too injured to take all the necessary steps to protect themselves legally. In such cases, the best thing to do is to consult a car accident lawyer in North Carolina immediately after the crash. The attorney there will help you maximize your compensation and ensure that all the timeframes and procedures concerning your claim are followed to the letter so you can get damages as soon as possible.

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