WATCH: Thieves steal hundreds of pounds of weed from Los Angeles dispensary


(KTLA) – A store owner is devastated after a group of thieves broke into a Los Angeles dispensary on Wednesday and got away with hundreds of pounds of weed.

The owner hopes security footage will help someone recognize the thieves and bring them to justice.

“They seemed organized though, like they’ve done this before,” Toby Stein, owner of the Silver Lake Caregivers Dispensary Group, told Nexstar’s KTLA.

Stein says the brazen thieves escaped with hundreds of pounds of marijuana during the swift break-in, which happened a little after midnight.

Although he’s experienced smaller burglaries in the past, Stein says he’s never been a victim of such a substantial theft, estimating that possibly over $1 million of inventory was stolen.

“It’s pretty tough, honestly,” said Stein. “It hasn’t really computed yet.”

The burglary also appeared extremely organized: Six thieves, using four vehicles, broke in and absconded with Stein’s merchandise within 15 minutes.

Security video shows the thieves scaling the shop’s fence in a back alleyway while using crowbars to pry open a door. They also appeared to know exactly where to go when they entered the store, Stein added.

Some of the suspects looked to be taking their time, even as the security alarm was ringing in the background, the video shows.

Cameras then captured the suspects moving large bags of product to a car parked outside. As the first vehicle became too crowded with stolen merchandise, a second vehicle arrived to carry more items before both cars sped away.

Two lookout vehicles were parked out front, following the getaway cars to the freeway entrance.

“It’s just a reminder of the risks we take as business owners every day, and a reminder to take more security precautions,” Stein said.

Although it’s a major setback to his business, Stein said he’s relieved none of is employees or customers were inside during the burglary.

Stein now hopes someone will recognize the thieves before they target another business. He’s even looking into the possibility of the theft being an inside job.

“It just goes to show, if somebody really wants your stuff, they’re going to get it,” said Stein.

Anyone who recognizes the suspects or has information on the case is asked to call Los Angeles Police.

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