Watch: Deputies work to save man from Florida river after car crash


FORT MYERS, Fla. (WFLA) — Authorities were able to rescue a man after he crashed into a Florida river and perform CPR on him atop his nearly-submerged vehicle on Saturday morning.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said the car, which appeared to be a pickup truck, went over the railing of a bridge and crashed into the Caloosahatchee River near Fort Myers.

In video of the accident, seen in the video player above, the truck appears to swerve from the center lane and into the right lane, colliding with another truck that was pushed into the wall. The victim’s truck is then lifted over the railing and into the water below.

Authorities rushed to the scene and deputies went into the river to search for the driver. Photos shared by Fort Myers police on Facebook show just one wheel of the vehicle was sticking out of the river at one point.

In the video, Captain Steve Brady and Deputy Julian Chala can be seen performing CPR on the man atop his vehicle until a rescue boat arrived.

“We are so proud and honored to have amazing deputies who will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of our great residents!” the sheriff’s office said.

After the boat arrived, the man was taken to a hospital for treatment. His current condition is unknown.

Three vehicles were involved in the crash, Fort Myers Police told local reporters. The conditions of others involved are unknown.

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