Voting underway for 50 finalists in Chicago’s ‘Name a Snowplow’ contest


CHICAGO — Voting is now underway after the city selected 50 finalists for its first annual “Name a Snowplow” contest.

Last month, Chicago officials announced the contest and encouraged residents to use their “ingenuity and imagination” to create names by Jan. 6.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation picked the finalists and voting is open through Jan. 31.

Residents can vote for up to six names.

The top six names will be selected to represent a plow in each of the city’s six snow districts.

The following names were picked as finalists.

  • Austin Plowers
  • B.B. PlowKing
  • Bean there, plowed that
  • Benny the Bull-izzard
  • Best in Snow
  • Better Call Salt
  • Big Frosty
  • Bill Flurray
  • Bozo the Snowplow
  • C3-Psnow
  • Celery Salt BAE
  • Chance the Scraper
  • City of Big Shovelers
  • Cold Faithful
  • Creedence Clear Road Survival
  • Ernie Snowbanks
  • Ferris Blizzard’s Day Off
  • Hey now, you’re a plow star
  • HeyChicagoWhaddyaPLOW
  • Holy Plow!
  • I Pity the Snow
  • Ice-Ta-La-Vista
  • Ima B. Salty
  • Jean Baptise Point du Shovel
  • Little Dibbie
  • LollaPLOWlooza
  • Looper Scooper
  • Ludwig Mies van der Snow
  • Megameltasaurus
  • Mrs. O’Leary’s Plow
  • My Kind of Plow’n
  • Off to See the Blizzard
  • O-Plow Winfrey
  • Plowcasso
  • Plows on Parade
  • S’No Worries
  • Salter Payton
  • Sammy Snowsa
  • Sears Plower
  • Sir Salts-A-Lot
  • Sleet Home Chicago
  • Snow Cubs Snow
  • Snow Motion
  • Super Bowl Shovel
  • The Defridgerator Perry
  • The Great Plow-dini
  • The Plowminator

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