Villar To Open Massive Casino And Entertainment Complex In 2023


Business tycoon Manny Villar confirmed that they will push through with a billions-worth casino and entertainment complex and plans to launch it in 2023.

Image by Manny Villar via Facebook

Named Gold Coast Entertainment City, the massive complex will cover 80 hectares of land. It will have a casino complex inspired by the Las Vegas model, along with other attractions like theatres, hotels, shops, a theme park, and more. It will be located near the Las Piñas-Parañaque area, near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

“Yes, it will push through. It is already a big development. We will be launching early next year since the casino has already been built,” he was quoted in an article by CNN.

He admitted that the casino has been gaining a lot of attention, as many operations are already applying to join. However, Villar noted that the operation of the casino will be in a partnership with a foreign gaming company, which he refuses to name at the moment.

The huge project will be undertaken by the private investment company of his son, Manuel Paolo Villar, Prime Asset Ventures Inc., through its subsidiary Vertex Entertainment and Resort Corporation, according to a report by the Manila Bulletin.

Meanwhile, Villar also gave an update on the real estate assets, specifically their flagship firm, Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc. He said that since they’ve been holding back on their residential projects due to the pandemic, they will start being aggressive in 2023.

“We will be more active in housing this year. We have been holding back for three years. While we remained active in the market, we did not pursue it as much,” he said.

According to Villar, their projects will be more focused on preserving the land because it’s expensive.

“We will return to developing more vertical projects because I want to preserve the land because land is getting to be more expensive. Next year we will have more vertical projects,” he explained.

Aside from those projects, the Villar company is also looking at enhancing its digital media company, AllTV. They will be setting up their own antennas while leasing other facilities from ABS-CBN to increase its nationwide reach and viewership.

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