US To Drop COVID-19 Testing Requirement | 2022


While many countries have dropped all or most of their COVID-19 restrictions, the United States has kept its belt tightened.

U.S Testing Requirements

As of June 13th, the U.S has had over 87 million cases of the virus and over 1 million deaths. The country has the highest rate of COVID-19 in the world by far. India is in second place with 43 million cases.

This means that America has experienced over 40 million more cases than any other country in the world. The mortality rate hovers around 1.2%, making it the 18th highest country for deaths from the disease, behind countries such as Peru (5.9%) and Bulgaria (3.2%).

78% of residents have had at least one vaccination dose. 67% are fully vaccinated and 32% have also had the booster. Of this, the age category with the most double jabbed citizens is the over 65’s — 91% have received both doses. 

The requirement to test negative to travel to the United States has been in place since January 2021 and includes Americans returning home. In December 2021, this rule was tightened from a negative test within 3 days of flying to within 24 hours. 

Because of this, citizens have been hesitant to leave the country over worries that they’ll catch the virus abroad and be unable to return home.  

The restriction is only in place for air arrivals, and those crossing into the U.S via land border can already do so without needing a COVID test.  

The new change came into effect yesterday — Sunday, June 12th, and means that no travelers need to show any kind of negative test before entering the country. Officials state this is due to the “tremendous progress” that the country has made in its fight against the virus.

The policy is due to be reviewed in 90 days and necessary action taken from there.

The US Travel Association estimates that the move will bring in an extra 5.4 million tourists to the country this year and boost travel spending by 12%.

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