Unique Wedding Details To Wow Your Guests


Most brides want their wedding to be something that really stands out in their guests memories when they look back on this exciting day. The fact that it’s your wedding automatically makes it special, but adding some unique, interesting touches that match your personalities can be something that lets people go away feeling wowed. Here are some special touches that will help you create some magical ideas for your ceremony and reception.


Choose A Bold Wedding Dress

Whether you choose a vibrant color like bright pink  or yellow, or a uniquely distinct design or pattern, like colorful embroidered flowers, a bold gown can make your wedding really stand out. White gowns are beautiful and you don’t necessarily have to go traditional, even if you choose white. If you choose white, you may decide on an unusual shape or with embroidered details.  A custom bridal dress can be more expensive, so compare credit to make sure you’re able to afford a custom dress. 

Go with Nontraditional Florals and Arrangements

Most people have floral arrangements at their wedding, but there’s nothing that says you can’t do something a little different with yours. You can use plants, such as ferns, orchids or pampas grass. For a glam look you can add feathers to your arrangements.

Include Your Guests In The Ceremony

If you want to make your wedding feel inclusive of all your guests, you can do a lot of small things to include them in your ceremony. Some ideas could include a call-and-response reading from a favorite book or poem, a group sing-along, a candlelight service, and more. 


Arrange for Your DJ To Take Song Requests

If you’re having a DJ play your reception or even the right band, you can invite your guests to make song requests. You should give them a do not play list if there are songs you really don’t want. You can take requests by:

  • Ask guests to submit requests via email before the big day
  • Offer song request cards at the reception

Have Fun With Your Cake Topper

Forget the traditional cake topper and choose something more unique and personal to you and your new spouse. Think about what you both love most and what could best represent the two of you. You can find interesting options online, or look for someone who can make you a custom topper that is personal to you. Whatever your shared interest area, you can use them for inspiration. You could think about:

  • Your favorite TV show or movie
  • Your favorite book
  • Your favorite color
  • A special flower
  • A themed piece based on your wedding theme or similar
  • A photograph
  • Your favorite animal
  • Your pets
  • Something symbolic of a favorite trip together, or your upcoming honeymoon
  • Something symbolic of a shared hobby. If you both going to Sci-Fi conventions or Ren Faire, then you could find something at one of these to use for your cake topper


By keeping it personal, you will make it special and memorable. Your cake topper is a wonderful keepsake too. 


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