UIC faculty strike looms as negotiations drag on


CHICAGO — One week into the winter semester at the University of Illinois-Chicago, collective bargaining negotiations have stalled heading into their final day, with a strike looming Tuesday if a deal isn’t struck Monday night.

According to a UIC United Faculty Spokesperson, the school’s administration and the faculty union are far apart on several topics, including compensation, student mental health needs and undiagnosed learning disability accommodations.

UIC said student mental health needs are met holistically, not as a part of a single union contract.

“I feel like UIC really owes their faculty the right amount of money and also the services they’re requesting because the faculty does so much for us,” said Toni Smertene, a senior at UIC. “So, it’s really unfair to them and the students as well. School just started and just to already tomorrow maybe not have classes, I feel like it will put us behind, especially since I’m graduating this semester.”

UIC said it does not anticipate a change in the academic calendar, even if the strike does end up happening. If there are interruptions of class, the university said make-up arrangements will be scheduled.

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