Troubled Oak Lawn bar closing after deadly crash


OAK LAWN, Ill. — Gaslight Bar and Grill in Oak Lawn will close after village officials revoked the business’ liquor license following a deadly crash.

The restaurant was temporarily closed pending a village hearing.

PJS Spirits , Inc. and the license holder of the bar reached a deal Tuesday with the village’s liquor control commissioner. The sides agreed that the licensee wouldn’t reopen her business in Oak Lawn or request a business or liquor license at the establishment.

In exchange, the village will toss the pending charges against her and won’t impose any fines, costs, or fees. 

The establishment, located in the 5100 block of W. 95th Street, is allegedly tied to a fatal car crash. Just before 2 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 21, police allege two patrons who left the bar caused a crash that killed Anita Chacon, 66, and injured her son, Tomas Chacon, 30.

Prosecutors said Steven Bradford, 39, and JoAnn McNary, 32, were drinking at Gaslight Bar and Grill before the crash. Both were charged with aggravated DUI involving death and reckless homicide.

“People were coming out over-served, blatantly sitting on our porches in front of our houses getting high,” a resident told WGN News last week. “Drinking, leaving or drinking in their car and throwing stuff on our lawns, extremely confrontational.”

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