Treat Your Feet With Balenciaga Sock Sneakers


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Balenciaga may rest at the pinnacle of high-end fashion, but several of the designer’s latest offerings also integrate athletic-oriented features to promote the perfect blend of style and functionality. There’s no need to sacrifice aesthetic or comfort when you make the most of these sock sneakers:

Speed 2.0 LT

Featuring a modern, minimalist design, these cozy, lightweight sneakers are incredibly versatile. They appeal most, however, to fashionable people who are constantly on the move. The split chunky sole provides excellent support, not to mention plenty of flexibility. 


Women’s Speed 2.0 Knit High Top

A unique take on the aforementioned Speed 2.0, these sock sneakers are constructed from knit fabric, which has a wonderful element of stretch. These are easy to slip on, but also stay secure with rib knit cuffs. 



Speed Stretch Knit High Top

If you like the concept of the Speed socks highlighted above but desire something a bit more visually impactful, give this pair a try. Featuring flat wedge heels and reinforced round toes, these distinctive sock sneakers are notable for their eye-catching Balenciaga logo.



Here are a few more sock sneakers that would be great for spring!



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