Traveling For Christmas? Here’s What You Need To Know | 2022


The travel boom is ON.

Christmas is looking to be a busy one for the travel sector, with many people flying domestically or overseas to be with their loved ones for the first festive period since 2019.

Tempers can be short, and patience a little bit thin around the holidays as we all dread the customary lip-smacker from Auntie Gloria and the “when are you going to stop traveling and find a partner?” from well-meaning grandparents.

Christmas travel
So, if you’re planning to travel this Christmas, let it be stress-free.

Here are some tips to make your vacation one to remember…for all the right reasons.

Avoid Traveling At Peak Times

December 23rd is looking to be the most hectic time for traveling around the holidays. This year, the day before Christmas Eve falls on a Friday, which is the busiest day for flying, regardless of the time of year.

The 23rd is also usually the day when most people tend to fly, to be able to spend Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day fully present with their families.

If you don’t care about which day you travel on as long as you get to see your loved one, consider an early morning flight on Christmas day to avoid the airport crowds.

Book Your Flight Now

We know you’re probably checking Skyscanner every day, hoping for a Christmas miracle. But, the bad news is flight prices are only set to climb higher between now and the holidays, with tickets in such high demand.

You may be able to score a great deal around Black Friday if you’re quick and don’t mind when or where you travel to. However, if you have a destination in mind, book now to ensure your flight still has seats left.

If you want to reduce the cost of your airfare, look for flight tickets on Christmas Eve, which are often up to $100 cheaper than a couple of days beforehand.

Travel With Hand Luggage Only

While the majority of 2022’s luggage chaos is behind us, there are still incidents where baggage goes missing only to turn up several weeks later.

If you want to make sure you have your festive jumper and Christmas gifts to hand, pack light and travel with a carry-on.

While you can expect the cost of traveling for Christmas to be a little higher this year, the look on your family’s face when you turn up ready for carol singing and turkey eating is bound to be priceless.

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