Travel Chaos: Will Travel Disruptions Continue In Coming Months? | 2022


We’re going to say it…the travel industry is in a bit of a state at the minute. With luggage strewn across floors of airports around the world, not enough workers, and too many holidaymakers, it’s no wonder that staff are feeling frustrated and overworked.

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If the photos that have been posted across the internet have told us anything, it’s that the travel industry is struggling. The issue stems from the pandemic when many members of staff were let go as travel was restricted.

Even now, two years later, there is a staffing crisis due to low pay in the industry. This has a knock-on effect on travel makers as they get stuck in lengthy queues, their flights have to be canceled last minute, and there’s no one to load their luggage onto the plane. 

In order to cull these issues, several airports are putting measures into place to improve the service travelers are receiving. But, this comes with disruptions. Here’s how you can expect your plans to be disrupted in the upcoming months.

Several airports are limiting the number of passengers and flights that depart. These include  Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport, as well as London’s Gatwick and Heathrow Airports. Restrictions vary per airport, but Schipol Airport, in particular, is capping travelers to 67,500 on certain days.

There are also strikes set to happen in Spain over labor conditions. Ultimately, the workers want better pay, more vacation time, and improved working conditions. Strikes will be happening every week from Monday to Thursday.

The budget airline, Easyjet, has confirmed that the disruptions will be minimal but they will affect flight services in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante, Seville, and Palma de Mallorca. 

How can you ensure your vacation isn’t affected? Plan your route in advance. Avoid airports where restrictions are happening if possible, and travel on weekends if you’re flying through Spain.

Also, it’s worth booking flights on a credit card if you have that resource, as it is the easiest way to refund tickets.

While interruptions are relatively minor and shouldn’t affect all passengers, it’s worth being aware of the airports that are having issues and making sure you know what to expect before you travel. 

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