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Quite similar to Casino and Baccarat at the same time, Dragon Tiger can be described as a mix between them. In practice, this means it’s all luck-based. The key to winning at Dragon Tiger is to manage probabilities, and adequate Dragon Tiger tips and tricks can help. This game is as simple as gambling with only two cards and two main bets. However, there are good and bad options in the game. This article provides some insights into beginner tips to win the dragon tiger real cash game.

Following are the top ten beginner tips to play the dragon tiger real cash game.

1. Play only dragon and tiger bets

A considerable margin separates the two main Dragon and Tiger bets in terms of return on investment. While side bets can be fun, they usually have a high house advantage. The variants of this game may change in the future, but none have yet succeeded in bucking the trend.

Tie bets are the main bets, but they are the worst offenders. There is a house edge of over 30% on Dragon Tiger games that have 8:1 tie payouts! That’s simply unacceptable and needs to be avoided at all costs. Some tables with 11:1 payouts mitigate it, but the edge remains over 10%.

Since a Tie bet is so unlikely to win, you’re throwing away your money. The tie is never a good idea in Dragon Tiger.

2. Don’t focus too much on roadmaps.

Roadmaps are often included in Dragon Tiger live dealer games, but they’re not very useful. You can’t increase your chances of winning using the data presented in roadmaps.

Dragon Tiger results from previous rounds do not affect the results of future games. Dragon and Tiger bets have roughly a 50% chance of winning, provided the set is shuffled correctly.

The most common gambling misconception is assuming otherwise. The Gambler’s Fallacy refers to players who believe a card is “due” or believe in other card-related myths. Follow trends, patterns, or similar coincidences but don’t base your decisions on them. These are nothing more than coincidences. Statistics, not superstition, are the foundation of a successful Dragon Tiger strategy.

It doesn’t matter if you follow roadmaps or not, either. Although observing patterns isn’t harmful, it isn’t helpful either.

3. Keeping track of 7s

Counting cards is not a viable way to win main bets. Dragon Tiger side bets, however, require seven cards.

It’s worth mentioning that side bets have a high RTP, which makes them generally bad. However, it is worth noting that most of them would have an RTP of 100% if they didn’t outright lose whenever a seven appeared.

Every seven that passes effectively decreases the house edge for the remaining shoe. By the time twelve 7s go through in a 6-deck shoe, big, small, odd, and even side bets lose half their value! Although it doesn’t happen every time, you can significantly reduce the house edge if you’re paying attention.

A Dragon Tiger table typically shuffles the shoe once over 50% of the cards have been drawn. Therefore, it is doubtful that they will all be reviewed. It is pretty reasonable to play through more than half of the game. This is the “breaking point”. Side bets become worthwhile once half of all available sevens are covered.

4. Get the Most Out of Live Casino Bonuses

Statistically, Dragon Tiger cannot be genuinely beaten by just playing it. Sure, you’ll win almost half of your bets. The rule that deducts half your stake on a tie eventually leads to losing more than you win.

So, how can you defeat Dragon Tiger? Casino bonuses can help you earn more money than you lose! Accordingly, free casino bonuses will not make you “win more”. A gambling session is a success if you leave with more money than you started. To withdraw bonus winnings, you must first fulfil wagering requirements.

5. Avoid Suited Tie or Betting on the Tie

According to many experts, tie bets are not very effective. Having enormous odds is one of the main reasons people want to try it. A payout of 8 to 1 is possible. House advantages are huge, which is why the problem exists. The house has an advantage over ten times greater than tiger or dragon bets at the low end.

Very few people win a tie bet. Losing is almost 80,000 times more likely than winning. You shouldn’t make this kind of bet. In other words, it’s about playing the odds that move in your favor most, not just focusing on the best payout.

6. Manage Your Bankroll

Doing this allows you to play for longer and ensures that you don’t lose all your money after a few games. Keep a check on the stake amount that fits your bankroll whenever you make a bet. For example, if you’ve got $100, place $5 bets rather than $50 bets. Here, you would be able to play a lot more games with your bankroll rather than playing a few games and needing to deposit more money.

Any casino game requires intelligent money management, and DragonTiger is no exception. For each playing session, set a specific bankroll amount and do not exceed it. Keeping your loss under control is the key to avoiding gambling with too much money. Manage your money wisely and avoid chasing losses. It would help if you didn’t bet more on a hand or hands after you lose a few. Rather than trying to recover all your losses at once, it is better to chip away at them. Your bankroll will be drained the fastest if you chase losses.

7. Learn about Bet Payouts and Bet Options

Following are some of the effective bet payouts & bet options to consider:

  • Bet on Dragon hand – 1:1 payout – if the result is a tie, the player wins 50% of their bet.
  • Bet on the Tiger hand – 1:1 payout – in case of a tie, the player wins 50% of the bet.
  • The Odd bet – 1:1 – With an Odd number value on the Dragon hand (left) or Tiger hand (right), you lose if the result is 7.
  • The even bet – 1:1 – When you bet on the Dragon hand (left) or Tiger hand (right) with an actual number value, you lose the bet if the result is 7.
  • Spade suit – 3:1 – You can bet either on Dragon or Tiger.
  • Dragon or Tiger in the Heart suit at 3:1.
  • Club suit – 3:1 – You can either bet on Dragon or Tiger.
  • Diamond suit – 3:1 – You can bet either on Dragon or Tiger.

8. Learn to Observe and Guess Results

Dragon Tiger results usually return in series. A good player can judge and observe quickly. Hence, it is essential to consider the consequences, learn the game’s specific rules, and monitor the betting situation. When sitting at the table, players will feel confident about the outcome of the next round.

9. Choosing the Right Casino

Several online casinos offer Dragon Tiger games. However, this can also cause confusion about which platform to choose. Here, you should only choose the best casinos. When choosing a casino, keep these points in mind:

  • Games Variety
  • House Cuts
  • Banking Options
  • Reliability
  • Bonuses

Shortlist an online casino that allows you to play straightforward games like teen Patti and poker. Someday when you don’t feel like playing a complex game, you can switch to these plain and uncomplicated games as the 3 Patti rules are quite simple to go through in a quick snap.

10. Find out about special offers

Almost all online casino platforms in India offer special offers to new users. Furthermore, there are some offers available to existing players as well. Check if you are eligible for the recommendations provided by the site before choosing the place to bet on.

Several platforms offer promotions to newcomers to online gambling, but they are usually overlooked by most of them. A new player may find these bonuses to be extremely valuable.

Many online casino games provide dragon tiger games. Be a Dragon Tiger online gamer by registering your account, making your first deposit, and claiming your bonus. Hopefully, you will succeed!

Conclusion Dragon Tiger real cash game is one of the easy casino games to play. Rather than relying on strategy, this popular live casino game is based mainly on luck. You can, however, improve your chances of having luck on your side if you implement the Dragon Tiger tips outlined herein. Dragon Tiger is an excellent game for beginners and only you have to learn some basic dragon tiger winning strategies. In no time, you’ll be playing like a pro with the tips and techniques above.


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