Timeless Investments: Giving Every Outfit An Elegant Touch


Timeless Investments: Giving Every Outfit An Elegant Touch


Whether you favor a capsule wardrobe, or you’re a passionate collector of all the fashion that takes your fancy, or, like many, you sit somewhere in between the two; it’s always worth investing in some key, timeless items, that will elevate even the most basic of ensembles. Having some lovingly picked wardrobe and accessory staples, will ensure that you’ll be ready to head out for a last-minute coffee with friends, and still feel like your outfit reflects who you are, effortlessly. 


Therefore, it might be time to take a look at your current items and have a little clear out of the things that have sat there for multiple seasons because you’re just not drawn to them anymore. After a declutter, it’ll be easier to think about adding some new, timeless pieces, that’ll be an addition you’ll wear again and again. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those looking to invest in their wardrobe wisely, to give every outfit a luxurious edge.


Grab That Bag


Designer bags are always an exciting and fun investment. However, the majority will go out of fashion, just as quickly as they came in. Therefore, it’s always worth seeking out a bag (or two…) that reflects your personal style; something that you’re confident will complement the majority of your wardrobe because it’s just you. It doesn’t have to be a classic Chanel or even a Birken (although, both are excellent options); it can be a shape, size, and color, that is your style personality.


This investment will be ideal on those days when you just want to wear your soft loungewear, a wool jacket, and you want to lift the outfit so you can still walk down the street in style. It’ll be a confidence boost each time you grab it.


All That Sparkles


Nobody will pick better jewelry for you, than you! You already know how much that hexagon salt and pepper diamond ring, or stack of statement bangles, will give any of your outfits some elegant sparkle and shine. Just like with your bag(s); you want your jewels to reflect your personality, rather than just what’s in the latest issue of Vogue. 


Jewelry is the ideal way to take any outfit from zero to 100 in a heartbeat. Whether you choose a couple of subtle, delicate pieces, or you layer and stack; it’s always worth investing in quality pieces that will last you a lifetime. They’ll become your go-to pick-me-ups every time you get dressed.


Step To It


It’s time to adorn your feet with shoes, sandals, or boots, that just remind you how much your personal style means to you. Shoes can sometimes be a basic afterthought, especially during day-to-day life. Therefore, choosing some classic, but eye-catching pieces of footwear, will ensure that you’re truly elegant from head to toe. 


Whether you have the bright, Louboutin flash of red as you walk down the street, or you prefer a timeless piece of Gucci hardware on your loafers; you’ll be able to strut through season after season, in style. 


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