The start of Chicago Marathon training on ‘TikTok Sports Talk’


CHICAGO – Dreams of running success in the fall begin in the early days of the summer for a number of athletes around Chicagoland and the world.

Finishing the Chicago Marathon requires weeks upon weeks of training and the diligence to follow the proper plan to make it happen. Thousands make the choice to do so every year, and in 2022, those who do will take to the streets of the city on October 9th to complete the 26.2 miles throughout a number of neighborhoods in the city.

The road to that moment begins this week for runners as the 18-week marathon training programs get underway.

Often they are a combination of distance and speed runs that help to build up the stamina and endurance that’s needed to complete the tremendous challenge. Miles and frequency of workouts will change as time goes along, with some workouts reaching as long as 20 miles, but all are there to make sure the runners will be at their best on race day.

For a second-straight year, Larry Hawley of WGN News Now will be one of the thousands of runners who will lineup to start the race on October 9th. To pay tribute, he decided to devote his “TikTok Sports Talk” to the start of the training not only for himself but for all of the runners around the Chicagoland area and even the world.

You can see this edition of the segment in the video above.


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