The pièce de résistance-the diamond wedding band


This year I have my heart set on a diamond wedding band for a very special anniversary gift. For such a special anniversary I think an all diamond wedding band is more than appropriate. I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Need to make sure my husband is on board. This’ll be the best present ever symbolizing our many years of marriage. If it sparkles and shines it’s for me!

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend! No truer words were ever said. A diamond wedding band is timeless. It’s extra special and a such sentimental piece of jewelry. I’d wear it casually everyday with a cashmere sweater, t-shirt, comfy ripped jeans, leggings, sneakers, ankle booties and so much more.

We often make the mistake of saving our diamond jewelry for best. When I save my most precious pieces for special occasions
I barely wear 
those pieces. This gorgeous band is one I’ll delight in wearing everyday and never take off. The combination of the sparkling stones and the princess cut diamonds will surely make me feel like a princess! 

Of course, I’ve already chosen a beautiful diamond band. I would only shop diamond jewelry from AUrate my most favorite and trusted jeweler. This exquisite band features 4.4 carats of brilliant princess hand selected and hand cut diamonds in an eternity setting of 14k gold. The setting is also available in rose gold or white gold. I’ve chosen the 14k gold setting which goes with most of my jewelry. The quality of the stones and the craftsmanship is impeccable.

All the diamonds are hand set by the finest jewelers making this extra special. Always makes me feel better knowing the jewelry I’m buying is sustainable, ethically sourced

and follows Kimberly’s certification.

I’ve researched other exquisite wedding bands. The Cartier trinity tri color band with yellow gold, rose gold and white gold stones is a top favorite of mine. This ring easily pairs with everyday casual looks. The stones have incredible sparkle to them. The Tiffany embrace wedding band is set in a 14k gold setting with 3.4k of beautiful dazzling diamonds. Surely a piece of jewelry to own. De Beers Jewellers is known for their irresistible diamond wedding band collection especially the luxurious eternity ring. These designer wedding bands are breathtaking with their uniquely intricate designs. There are many stunning styles from designers all over the world.

Guess what! My husband is on board and we’re going to purchase the ring. I’ll be sure to share a photo when it’s in on my finger.

Do you wear a wedding band? What’s your favorite style? Would you wear a diamond wedding band everyday?  It’s a beautiful symbol of your love for each other.

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