The last game in a long Bears’ season previewed on “The 9-Yard Line”


CHICAGO – It’s been a long week for everyone in the NFL, including the Bears, due to the concern of Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

It’s been a long season for Matt Ebeflus’ team thanks to a changed roster, two mid-season trades, and a number of injuries late that have led to a nine-game losing streak.

At last, a difficult 2022 season for the Bears is drawing to a close this Sunday as they wrap-up play in their 17th game against the Vikings at noon at Soldier Field.

This week’s edition of “The 9-Yard Line” takes a look at what’s led up to the season finale and the game itself during an eventful week for the NFL. We’ll hear from the players as they dealt with what they saw when Hamlin had the cardiac arrest Monday night against the Bengals, and how Eberflus prioritized mental health during the week.

Justin Fields is out with a hip strain along with a number of other starters, but Chase Claypool is in the lineup, hoping the fire he showed on the sidelines in the loss to Detroit might help for a strong season finish.

Meanwhile, many fans are watching to see what place the Bears’ first round pick will land after the Week 18 results.

It was also a big week for different reasons for Bears owner Virgnia McCaskey and former kick returner Devin Hester. We’ll cover that and hear from Sports Talk Chicago’s Jon Zaghloul as he gives his thoughts on the Bears’ 2022 season that will come to a close on Sunday.

You can watch this edition of “The 9-Yard Line” on WGN News Now with Larry Hawley at 8:15 PM in the video above.

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