The Definition of Athletic Prep: Burberry


The Definition of Athletic Prep: Burberry TB Monogram Vintage Check Baseball Cap

When you picture sporty style, you probably think of the classic baseball cap or the bucket hat. This certainly adds athletic appeal to your favorite outfits, but it works well with other aesthetics as well.

Proving that baseball caps can, in fact, be preppy, Burberry makes every head look chic with its iconic check style. The black monogrammed letters stand for Thomas Burberry — the genius behind one of the most recognizable fashion names.
The adjustable back has subtly stylish snaps that ensure a snug, but comfortable fit. At three inches, the brim is just large enough to shield your eyes from the sun. Whether worn for practical or fashionable purposes, this cap will allow you to ace multiple aesthetics at once.
Because this cap is so distinctive, it looks most impressive when integrated with an otherwise minimalist outfit. Feel free to play up either the preppy or the sporty side of this cap.

Here’s a look at the traditional Burberry bucket hat that be worn on the traditional Burberry plaid side or the trendier side. Wear as a rain hat or a beach hat. Wear it your way!

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