The Best Ways To Treat Yourself Today!


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You want only the best because, of course, you deserve it. Life can become hectic and frenetic. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, it is time to take a step back and find ways to take care of yourself. One of the most fun ways to do just that is by treating yourself to something that will make you feel good. 

Continue reading for a few inspirational ideas on how to give back to yourself today.


Update Your Bedding

No matter the season or weather, a beautiful new bedding set is in order. New sheets and comforter sets evoke the feeling of a fresh start. Find yourself the most sumptuous designs and fabrics at the luxury comforter sale. You will never want to get up in the morning. Or, you will want to slip back in for a quiet afternoon nap. 

Select colors that coordinate or contrast with your current decor. Perhaps you enjoy changing your home’s look as the seasons change. With that in mind, you can choose delicate pastels and bright whites for spring and summer and moody indigo or vibrant plaids for the fall and winter months. Whatever you decide upon, pick something that will make you happy whenever you look at it.

Go ahead and order some beautiful new bedding. While you are at it, get sets for the rest of the family and the guest room, too. They make wonderful gifts or everyday surprises, just because. Everyone will be slumbering in refined comfort before you know it.

The Best Ways To Treat Yourself Today

Buy a New Scarf

A scarf is not only utilitarian in its purposeful intention to keep you warm, but it is also a wealth of possibilities. A scarf can be a wrap, a cover-up, or a shawl. It can be broad and vast, almost like a blanket. Of course, it can even serve as an impromptu throw on your next flight when the air is chilly. Or, your fashionable scarf might be skinny by design with the ability to be wrapped multiple times around your graceful neck.

In addition to their usefulness, scarves can hold multiple fashion opportunities. Select a logo design from your favorite fashion house. Tie a silky square scarf to your Birken’s handle for that little extra zhush. Wrapping a scarf around your hair as a tie or a hair-covering will make you look fashionable while hiding your wind-swept hair after a day out.

Watch this video for inspiration on new or different ways to wear your new scarf.



Experience Something

Gifts and treats come in all shapes and sizes. They can be intangible. To that end, consider doing something you enjoy.

Do you have a favorite book or author? If so, look for their next book reading near you. What a treat you will give yourself to sit and listen to the author read an excerpt from their latest book. Grab a signed copy and then go to a coffee shop to read the tome once again.

Book a massage. This type of gift is always in order. A little relaxation while working your sore muscles will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for round two. Go ahead and get a facial or even a full day at the spa while you are there!


Look for a New Scent

Fragrances are as unique to individuals as people are distinctive. If you have been wearing what you, and everyone else, would identify as your “signature scent” for years, perhaps it is time to add something new to your fragrance repertoire.

A change in fragrance can be enlightening and invigorating. New scents floating through the air may evoke a happy feeling based on scent memories from the past, such as the vanilla notes wafting through a house when someone special is baking cookies.

That does not mean that you must abandon your tried and true scent identity. Instead, add a little something new into the mix. You can look for new perfumes that fall in the same scent class as your current favorite, or branch out for something completely different. 

Always look for a scent in attractive packaging. After all, the bottle will be sitting out with your fragrance collection, so why not let it become part of your curated decor? Delightful glass decanters or unique spray bottles come in a wide variety of beautiful designs that you will be happy to look at day after day.


No matter what you decide to do, find something that will bring you joy. That item can serve an extra function or simply be a gift that brings you happiness. You spend your time taking care of others. Remember your value and honor the wonderful person you are with a little treat every now and then.

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