The best dive bar in every state, according to Yelp


(NEXSTAR) – Making your way in the world today takes everything you got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.

Wouldn’t you like to get away? To a dive bar? For a few hours?

Dive bars, unlike fancier cocktail bars or speakeasies, have a certain inexplicable charm. Is it the dim lighting? The scent of stale beer in the air? The near-constant din of someone playing “Buck Hunter” or “Golden Tee” arcade games in the back corner?

Could be. Or it could simply be the welcoming, down-to-earth, no-frills vibe that almost all dive bars seem to share. Dive bars, after all, aren’t usually concerned with exclusivity, or staying on top of the latest trends. And the very best dive bars can quickly become your favorite neighborhood hangouts or after-work haunts.

With that in mind, the analysts at Yelp have delved into their databases to help determine the top-rated dive bars in each state based on the volume, and ratings, from user-generated reviews.

One important note: Dive bars, as defined by Yelp, are “typically well-worn bars that offer an inexpensive, simple selection of drinks and are often considered ‘hole-in-the-walls,’” a spokesperson for Yelp tells Nexstar. The operators of these establishments can self-identify themselves as “dive bars” on their own Yelp accounts — at which point Yelp’s moderators will conduct a review to ensure the bar meets their criteria — or Yelp’s own users can submit suggestions to the moderators, if they feel a specific bar should be recategorized as a dive.

Without further ado, the top dive bar in each state — as determined by Yelp’s community of reviewers — can be found below.

Alaska Ernie’s Old Time Saloon, in Sitka
Alabama Marty’s P.M., in Birmingham
Arkansas Emma Avenue Bar and Tap, in Springdale
Arizona Sundowner Bar & Grill, West Sedona
California Torrance Brew Yard, in Torrance
Colorado Dive Inn, in Denver
Connecticut Gryphon’s Pub, in New Haven
DC Red Derby
Deleware Murph’s Irish Pub, in Wilmington
Florida Doc’s Oyster Bar, in Valparaiso
Georgia Joystick Gamebar, in Atlanta
Hawaii Suzie Wong’s Hideaway, Honolulu
Iowa High Life Lounge, in Des Moines
Idaho Lakers Inn, in Coeur d’Alene
Illinois Bernice’s Tavern, in Chicago
Indiana Ralph’s Great Divide, in Indianapolis
Kansas Kirby’s Beer Store, in Wichita
Kentucky Larry’s, in Covington
Louisiana Pete’s Out In The Cold, in New Orleans
Massachusetts Biddy Early’s, in Boston
Maryland Mount Royal Tavern, in Baltimore
Maine Maps Bar, in Portland
Michigan Bumbo’s, Hamtramck
Minnesota Casper’s and Runyon’s Nook, in Saint Paul
Missouri Small Change, in St. Louis
Mississippi The Mermaid Dive Bar, in Biloxi
Montana The Rhino, in Missoula
North Carolina Westerwood Tavern, in Greensboro
North Dakota Blue Rider, in Minot
Nebraska Homy Inn, in Omaha
New Hampshire Perkins Pier Clam Shack & Bar, in Hampton
New Jersey The Straphanger, in Hackensack
New Mexico The Matador, in Santa Fe
Nevada Genoa Bar, in Genoa
New York Duff’s Brooklyn, in Brooklyn
Ohio Teschner’s Tavern, in Richfield
Oklahoma The Soundpony, in Tulsa
Oregon Cliff’s PDX, in Portland
Pennsylvania Corvette Grille and Bar, in Annville
Rhode Island Grad Center Bar, in Providence
South Carolina Duck Dive Bar And Grill, in North Myrtle Beach
South Dakota Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill, in Interior
Tennessee Robert’s Western World, in Nashville
Texas Skylark Lounge, in Austin
Utah Shooting Star Saloon, in Huntsville
Virginia GWARbar, in Richmond
Vermont Charlie-O’s, in Montpelier
Washington Bait Shop, in Seattle
Wisconsin Koz’s Mini Bowl, in Milwaukee
West Virginia Crockett’s Lodge, in Morgantown
Wyoming Buckhorn Bar & Parlor, in Laramie

More information on each bar (but not necessarily the operational status of their “Buck Hunter” or “Golden Tee” arcade games) can be found on Yelp.

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