The 6 Best Places To Live In Romania | 2022


Do you know where the best places to live in Romania are? 

While it may not seem the most likely, Romania is a popular choice for expats and digital nomads looking for their next base. 

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As part of the European Union, Romania is an easy and accessible place for Europeans to relocate to. Romania is also one of the most affordable countries in the EU, with a low cost of living, fast internet, and friendly locals. 

Many people are unaware of how pretty Romania is. Here you will find a vast array of natural beauty, from the Carpathian Mountains to the forested region of Transylvania to the preserved medieval towns, such as Sighişoara. 

But as an expat, where should you live in this southeastern European country? This article will reveal the 6 best places to live in Romania in terms of price, job opportunities, safety, and more. 

romania in winter


Brasov is located in the Transylvania region of Romania, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. This, along with the low cost of living, makes Brasov a top choice among expats living and working in Romania. 

Brasov is a popular destination among tourists due to its famous castles and the myths surrounding them, such as Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle. Because of this, there are many English-speaking locals in Brasov.

Other pros of Brasov include cleanliness, fast internet speeds, and walkability in the city center. It also has good air quality and idyllic summer weather.

There are many job opportunities, especially in the summer season, but wages are lower than in the capital city. One downside of living in Brasov is there is no international airport; thus, it is not the most accessible city.

The winters can be freezing too, although there is usually snow, so you can enjoy the winter sports at the nearby resorts. You can find a one-bedroom apartment for as little as $300 a month in Brasov.

brasov at sunset


Timișoara ranks as one of the best cities to live in Romania for digital nomads and remote workers. This is due to the exceptionally fast internet speeds, availability of free Wi-Fi, and the fact that English is widely spoken here.

In addition, because of the nomad community, you’ll find plenty of co-working communities and cool cafes throughout the city.

The western Romanian city is often referred to as the European Capital of Culture due to the vast cultural and social events. It has also undergone many historical changes and is now one of the safest cities in the country. 

Timișoara is also a beautiful place known for its Secessionist architecture. The central square, Piața Victoriei, is one of the most beautiful parts, surrounded by baroque buildings and an Orthodox Cathedral with mosaic-patterned roof tiles.

While the cost of living is pretty low, the wages are also meager, hence why it is most popular with digital nomads working for companies located overseas. The only other negatives about Timișoara are the traffic and lack of cleanliness.

If you decide to move to Timișoara, you will find a one-bedroom apartment to rent for as little as $250 to $400. 


Cluj Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is the second-largest city in Romania, located in the northwest. It is a university city, so it boasts a young, vibrant atmosphere and thriving nightlife amidst its historic buildings and cultural events. 

Because of its young atmosphere, expats living and working here say that Cluj Napoca has a more relaxed and non-confrontational attitude than other large Romanian cities.

It’s also rated the friendliest city for foreigners. In addition, English is widely spoken, so it is easy to get by here. 

Another reason why Cluj Napoca is one of the best cities in Romania is because of the picturesque forest and mountain backdrop. Like in most parts of the country, safety is not a concern, and most expats feel safe walking around the city.

Moreover, Cluj Napoca is quickly becoming one of the best Romanian cities due to its rapid development.

The IT industry is thriving here, so jobs in the tech sector are abundant. There are also lots of startups and investment opportunities. 

Despite all these pros, Cluj-Napoca is an affordable place to live, although prices are slowly rising. The average one-bedroom apartment rental is between $300 and $500.

cluj napoca


Bucharest is Romania’s capital city and is usually loved or hated by expats. However, one main advantage of living in Bucharest is having everything you need at your fingertips.

The capital city has restaurants offering all kinds of cuisine and tons of different entertainment and leisure venues.

Another reason why many expats choose Bucharest is because of the diverse range of job opportunities. It’s one of the best places to live in Romania as it’s relatively easy to find a job, no matter your field. 

Along with the expat community, the city’s universities attract many international students, giving Bucharest a very international vibe. And while the city is built up and congested, there is much beauty, such as the Parisian-style boulevards and ancient churches dotted around the city center.  

The downside of Bucharest is that it is one of the most polluted cities in Europe and highly crowded. Thus, if you’re looking for someone peaceful and relaxed, the capital city probably isn’t for you. 

Even so, unlike many other European capital cities, the cost of living is still affordable in Bucharest and similar to Romania’s other cities. For example, you can expect to pay between $300 and $500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.



Constanta is an ancient port city in the far east of Romania, located in the Black Sea.

Because of its stunning ocean and beaches, it is a popular summer destination. However, it is also a much-loved spot for digital nomads and expats looking to live by the sea. 

The coastal city’s long history is still apparent today through its architectural buildings and museums. Even so, the town has a modern, constantly evolving side. 

There are excellent public services and facilities and plenty of job opportunities. Trade and tourism are undoubtedly the most thriving industries, but finding work in other sectors is relatively easy. 

The downside of Constanta is that it gets hectic in the summer. As a result, prices can go up during this time, so if you’re planning to stay a year or so, it’s best to get a long-term contract when renting an apartment.

One-bedroom apartments range from $250 and $400, so the cost of living is similar to other Romanian cities. 



Sibiu is another pleasant area in the Transylvanian region. As a small city, it is ideal for those looking for a more peaceful ambiance.

The city is elegant and historic, with many ancient forts, towers, and bridges still intact. Moreover, the old town still has the original medieval street layout, giving Sibiu a timeless feel.

Because of its size, there are not as many job opportunities here as in the larger cities. Still, you’ll find a few multinational companies that employ foreigners. 

The locals in Sibiu are pleasant and polite, and while many speak English, it is not as widely spoken as in the bigger cities.

Moreover, because of the relaxed ambiance, Sibiu is most popular among families and older expats rather than young digital nomads.

Lastly, Sibiu is one of the cheapest cities to live in Romania. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is between $200 and $300.


Final Thoughts On The Best Places To Live In Romania

Romania is an underrated country for expats and remote workers, especially Europeans. Of course, Romania has its cons, like all countries, but there are plenty of reasons to consider relocating here.

The country boasts natural beauty, a low cost of living, and picturesque historic architecture. What’s more, these six best places to live in Romania are all safe, expat-friendly places to live and work.

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