Tennessee teen catches ‘rare’ catfish


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is calling it the “fish of a lifetime.”

Edwards Tarumianz, 15, was lucky enough to reel in a white catfish while fishing near Chattanooga.

(Courtesy: TWRA)

The teen was fishing with Richard Simms of Scenic City Fishing, who told TWRA the experience was a first for him in his 30 years of catfishing.

“You may catfish for the rest of your life and never catch, or even see, another fish like that!” Simms said.

While many would initially categorize this fish as an “albino,” there are actually several different categories the fish could fall into.

Albinoism is the absence of pigment in the skin and hair, which leads to white skin and typically features pink eyes.

Leucism is defined as reduced pigmentation that is marked by an overall pale color or patches of reduced coloring.

The fish could also be a piebald, which features irregular patches of two colors.

Regardless of the classification, it definitely is the catch of a lifetime. Congrats Edwards!

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