Suspects committed 13 robberies in 5 hours


CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department sent out a community alert today to residents in the Ogden and Harrison neighborhoods about a group of individuals who committed a string of robberies earlier this morning.

Police said the incidents happened from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. and in each instance suspects exited a vehicle and approached victims on foot while displaying guns. The victims were then robbed of their personal possessions and the suspects ran away in the vehicle they arrived in.

According to police, the offenders are described as being 2-4 Black males in their late teens with varying heights and weights who were wearing dark colored clothing with “surgical-type masks” covering their faces. The suspects were also said to be armed with black and silver handguns.

Police also provided descriptions of several get away vehicles used by the suspects. One vehicle is alleged to be a silver 2019 Kia Sportage with a Connecticut license plate, no. BG31309, that was reported stolen under JF489684. Another vehicle is believed to be a red, maroon or black SUV with a broken window. A third vehicle may also be a red Toyota Rav4, or a midsize Chevy.

Incident Locations:

· 2500 block of South Pulaski Road

· 3200 block of West Cortez Street

· 3200 block of West 26th Street

· 3900 block of West 26th Street

· 3100 block of West 26th Street

· 2400 block of South Lawndale Avenue

· 2300 block of South Homan Avenue

· 2400 block of South Albany Avenue

· 2500 block of South Christiana Avenue

· 3300 block of West 25th Street

· 900 block of North Trumbull Avenue

· 4400 block of West Fifth Avenue

· 2300 block of South Homan Avenue

Police say if you witness(ed) a robbery that is possibly related to the ones above, they recommend you call 911, remain on scene when possible and not to touch any evidence.

It is also important to remember any distinguishing features of the offenders, like scars, a limp, acne, teeth, etc.

Police also recommend to never resist during a robbery or pursue a fleeing assailant. if you are approached by a witness incident, ask them for contact information and provide it to officers who are working on the case.

If you have any information that could help police make an arrest and conviction in connection to the robberies above, you can reach Area 4 detectives at (312) 746-8253 or place an anonymous tip online at

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