Suburban man allegedly gave out candy in weed bags


Concerned parents began calling South Chicago Heights police Halloween night when there was an odd odor coming from their kids’ candy bags. Parents said it smelled like marijuana.

Police suspected a man was giving out gummy bears in small bags previously used to hold cannabis.  “There even appeared to be residual marijuana material in the bags,” South Chicago Heights police chief Bill Joyce told WGN.   

There are no reports of illness; but police are asking anyone who may have been given the bags of gummy bears to contact them.  “We get a lot of trick-or-treaters from other south suburbs,” Joyce said.    

South Chicago Heights police can be reached at 708-755-3521.

Police quickly determined the unlabeled gummy bear bags were given out on Cherry Lane in the south suburbs. They arrested a man who is now charged with five counts of child endangerment. 

The chief said the bags and candy have been sent to a crime lab for further testing.

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