Storms to blame for partial wall collapse at Lincoln Park car dealership


CHICAGO — Three floors of a Lincoln Park-area car dealership are now exposed after severe storms tore through the area Monday night.

A WGN News viewer sent video that captured the Toyota of Lincoln Park wall crumbling amidst heavy rain and winds. Residents say they heard a loud boom and initially assumed it was thunder. But soon after, people realized the wall of the car dealership, located in the 1500 block of N. Fremont St., had collapsed.

Nearby residents said sirens started going off shortly before they watched the wall crash down.

“It was really high winds. I don’t know exactly what it was but it was circling, like mostly rain and next thing you know, that wall was coming down,” said Andrew Hedrick.

Bill McCarthy said he was working out in the gym when he heard a loud thud.

“I was sure if it was thunder or not and then I got a citizen alert saying there was a wall collapse next door, so came out and saw the damage,” McCarthy said.

The city’s buildings department was on the scene following the collapse assessing the damage.

Streets in the area remain closed.

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