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Sports betting has been done in India for a long time. However, it is not the popularity of sports that has led to the legal noise surrounding betting today. There have been a series of events happening in India in the last few years, which have led to the current legal scenario. Let’s have a brief look at it.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is a form of gambling where the player bets on the outcome of a sporting event. It could be individual matches or the overall result of a season or tournament. However, there are different bets that interested people can place. With the rise of technology and the internet, it has become easier to practice this form of entertainment from home.

What are the Different Forms of Sports Betting?

There are many different forms of sports betting, but the most common types include:

  • Single-game or event betting
  • Multiple games or events (including basketball and football)
  • Spread betting (where you are betting on who will win by more or less than a certain number of points)

What laws are there in India that govern sports betting?

In 2018, the Supreme Court of India declared that all forms of sports betting are illegal. However, the court did not remove the provisions of Section 30(A) of the Gambling Act (1867), which allows a state government to make an exception to this provision and allow people to bet on horse racing.

Even though sports betting is technically illegal,  its legality has been debated for many years now. Many states vowed to ban it entirely, while others have taken a more lax approach.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that any state can make its laws regarding sports betting, so if you’re in an area that allows it, you might want to check out what they’ve got going on!

What sports am I allowed to bet on in India?

Sports betting is also heavily regulated by the government in India, and all operators must obtain licenses from the Gaming Board of India (GBOI). This board was created in 1964 and has since been responsible for regulating all forms of gaming throughout the country.

Sports like Kabaddi, Horse racing and football allow legal bets to be placed on them at online sites that accept Indian residents. Such is the case with this list of betting sites where you can choose a safe option for your future bets.

While bookmaking and match-fixing are illegal in India, any laws expressly point out betting on sports as unlawful. It is deemed to be a game of skill instead of chance.

What the future holds for India’s sporting betting?

There is a lot of confusion about what is illegal regarding sports gambling since the laws are vague and often overlooked in India. Every sport is different and has different betting rules. So, before you bet on a sports event, make sure you understand the rules and regulations of sports betting.

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