Sporadic flurries possible Thursday with chilly winds



–8 to 9″ of lake effect snow has fallen across lakeS in Sumnerville, Michigan and New Troy, Michigan—both in Berrien County, Michigan—and lake effect snow showers with lighter flurries elsewhere are affecting some sections of Northwest Indiana. 

–A good deal of cloudiness lingers in the coming days—though peeks of sun are possible. 

–The clouds occur as cold air tightens its grip on the area—particularly as winds surge and cold air tighten its grip on our area. 

–Daytime highs will fall back to 34 Thursday—but to 27 and 25-deg Friday and Saturday—readings 20 to 22-deg below normal. 

–This is the equivalent of winter-level cold here—unusual for so early in the cold season—but likely shy of record-breaking here. 

–But across 10 states, from Idaho and Wyoming east across sections of Iowa, northern Illinois and Wisconsin, all the way east to Pennsylvania in coming days, record or near record level cold is coming and it should turn on the lake effect snow machine BIG TIME downwind of the Great Lakes. 

–The cold is the product of a jet stream pattern which is to dive south from the North Pole and Canadian arctic region into Chicago and the Midwest. Temps this weekend will come in 20-deg colder than last—and the current week is to average 12-deg below normal here—but also come in 22-deg colder than last week.

–Lows will drop to the teens here Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights with wind chills falling back into the 3 to 18-deg range each day from Friday through Sunday 

–The cold breaks next week with temps surging to within striking distance of 50-deg by midweek. 

–We’re getting the first signs a significant winter system may impact Thanksgiving—though details at this distance in time must still be clarified. Model solutions ranging from windy rain to snow are currently out there for the Thursday(Thanksgiving) and Friday time frame next week—so this is one to watch. 

–Ahead of that system, next week is likely to see temps surging 6-deg above the levels this week. 


—-WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY until 7pm CST for Porter County, Indiana… 


TONIGHT: Extensive cloudiness, breezy and colder with passing flurries at times. Some heavy lake snow showers are possible early, especially downwind of Lake Michigan in parts of northwest Indiana. Low 33. 

THURSDAY through FRIDAY: A good deal of cloudiness, increasing winds and chilly. The cold air’s grip on the area is to tighter. Sporadic flurries are possible and daytime winds gust build to 30 mph Thursday and 35 mph by Friday afternoon. High Thursday 34. Low Thursday night 18. High Friday only 27—a reading 20-deg below normal. Wind chills Thursday night and Friday 7 to 14 ABOVE. 

SATURDAY: Unseasonably cold–ALSO WINDY with gusts approaching 40 mph and clouds and mixed sun at times with some sun. A few slurries can’t be ruled out. High 25. Wind chills Saturday 3 to 16 ABOVE. 

SUNDAY: Generous sunshine, windy and continued unseasonably cold. High 32. 

MONDAY AND TUESDAY: The chill eases amid generous sunshine mixed at times with some fair weather clouds. Monday wind gusts to 30 mph. High Monday 41—-but up to 47 Tuesday. 

WEDNESDAY: Clouding over, breezy and milder. High 49. 

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