Some AMC Theatres will offer ‘Zoom Rooms’ in 2023


CHICAGO – If a company is looking for a unique place to hold a virtual meeting for employees, another option could be coming next year.

AMC Theatres announced that they’ll create “Zoom Rooms” in up to 17 major markets in the United States starting as a way to offer businesses a new place to hold meetings.

The theatre chain has partnered with Zoom to make this happen sometime in 2023, with the locations taking part in this initiative still to be announced.

It’s a new move by AMC to get creative with bringing in revenue after the theatre industry was hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“AMC has an abundance of attractive theatres at centrally located venues in city after city after city, each with ample seating capacity, especially so during daytime hours on weekdays when most meetings take place,” said AMC Theatres chairman and CEO Adam Aron in a statement released by the company. “Our state-of-the-art sight and sound technology is widely renowned and has made gathering in movie theatres one of the most popular out-of-home entertainment options in the United States.

“Zoom Rooms at AMC broadens our scope, as we now can participate as well in the multi-billion market for corporate and other meetings.”

With AMC and Zoom providing the equipment, companies can book three-hour blocks of time to host their meeting across multiple markets. The auditorium’s capacities range from 75 to 150, depending on the size of the theatre.

If a company wants to provide food and beverage service to employees, screen a movie, or have “concierge-style” handling of needs for the meeting, those can be provided at a separate cost.

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