Site ranks Chicago’s downtown as second best in the U.S.


CHICAGO – A website has ranked the Top 20 “Best Downtowns in America” and Chicago made the cut.

Chicago’s downtown is ranked second on the Attractions of America list.

The website says big city downtowns are fascinating areas filled with “hidden gems and plenty of cultural excursions.”

The site says Chicago is “often listed as the best downtown in the US for its historical sites, great food, and rich cultural experiences.”

And this is what they had to say about Chicago for its second-place finish on its list: “Chicago’s downtown area is known for the best pizza in the United States. You haven’t had pizza until you’ve had a Chicago deep dish.”

The site goes on to list many other things to love about Chicago, too, including Millennium Park and “many fun museums and learning experiences, such as Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, and 360 Chicago, an incredible high-level viewing platform.”

They add America’s downtowns are becoming more charming and vibrant as new businesses revitalize areas.

The city with the best downtown, according to the study is New York City. Alexandria, Virginia came in third, Burlington, Vermont in fourth and Indianapolis in fifth.

You can view the complete list below:

  • 1. New York City
  • 2. Chicago
  • 3. Alexandria, VA
  • 4. Burlington, VT
  • 5. Indianapolis
  • 6. Pittsburgh, PA
  • 7.Savannah, GA
  • 8. Seattle, WA
  • 9. Greenville, SC
  • 10. Santa Monica, CA
  • 11. Milwaukee, WI
  • 12. Sedona. AZ
  • 13. Colorado Springs
  • 14. Boston. MA
  • 15. Nashville
  • 16. San Diego
  • 17. St. Augustine, FL
  • 18. New Orleans
  • 19. Boise, ID
  • 20. Plano, TX

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