Should You Visit Lake Tahoe? | 2022


World-renowned travel guide, Fodors Travel, has placed Lake Tahoe on its “no list” for travel, in order to preserve the incredible destination and avoid it being impacted by pollution.

There is potential for Lake Tahoe’s crystal clear waters to lose their clarity with a heavy influx of tourism.

Road vehicles create tailpipe emissions in the air, which are then transported into the lake when the snow melts or the area experiences rainfall.

As a destination that’s popular year-round, both as a ski resort and a lake resort, Lake Tahoe is more at risk than other locations because of its constant stream of vehicles on lakeside roads.

During the pandemic, more US citizens moved to the stunning area, in order to reassess their lifestyles and reconnect with nature, which has also had a lasting impact on the environment surrounding the lake.

Does this mean that you should avoid the area completely, or can you enjoy Lake Tahoe’s world-class slopes and tranquil shores responsibly? Local businesses and tour guides in Lake Tahoe certainly think so.

They have combated the notion of avoiding the area altogether by urging visitors to learn how to respect the lake and its surroundings instead.

Here are several ways that Lake Tahoe conservationists encourage you to be a responsible traveler:

  • Take all your trash with you when you leave the area.
  • Avoid single-use plastics, such as water bottles, cutlery, and straws.
  • Pick up any litter you see on trails.
  • Use public transportation.
  • Book green lodging.
  • Use electric vehicles where possible.

Another way to reduce the lakes’ carbon footprint is to reduce the number of cars per group by carpooling where possible.

Several other tourist hot spots were mentioned on Fodor’s “no list” including:

In a world that is ever-evolving due to greenhouse gases and climate change, it’s important to all do our bit to be more sustainable travelers and protect the areas we love.

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