See what the KS-CO dust storm looks like from space


Hats off to my colleague Steve Alexander, news and agribusiness anchor at WGN radio, who sends along this incredible satellite animation of last week’s DUSTSTORM sweeping over eastern Colorado and Kansas.  The dust prompted DUST STORM WARNINGS across the region.   

Of that storm, Steve writes:”I sent the attached impressive sat video from last Friday to my cousin. He owns a dairy farm located roughly in the middle of the image, just west of the Kansas border.He wrote back that the 65-mph wind blew a lot of topsoil out of the state.

Zero visibility for a couple of hours. He uses feed trucks with onboard scales to measure feed for his cows, and the wind was so bad the scales weren’t dependable. Worst he’s seen since the ‘50s.The weather is endlessly fascinating!

“Steve is SO RIGHT!  There’s never a dull moment tracking our ever-changing weather!

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