See how NFL teams will show support for Damar Hamlin this weekend


NEW YORK – The National Football League will have a few ways to keep Damar Hamlin on the thoughts of all 32 teams during the 18th and final weekend of the regular season.

On Friday morning, the league announced a few ways in which they’ll salute the Bills’ safety as he continues to recover from a cardiac arrest suffered in the first quarter against the Bengals on Monday.

This will include the Bears’ season finale against the Vikings at noon at Soldier Field.

Here’s what the league is planning to do for Hamlin at games on Sunday.

Pregame “Moment of Support”

The league will ask teams to hold this before the national anthem in support of Hamlin, who remains hospitalized at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Per the NFL, the announcement will read:

“Throughout this week, the entire NFL family has been praying for Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills as he continues his recovery, and we thank the first responders and medical professionals involved in his care.

“The [CLUB NAME] ask you to join us in a moment of support and love for Damar, and cheer for him and his family as they continue their fight.”

Pregame Shirts

During pregame warm-ups, players will have the option to wear black t-shirts that have “Love For Damar 3” on them.

For Bills personnel, hats with the No. 3 on them will be provided to team personnel to wear.

Field Painting

If a team would like, they can outline the “3” on their 30-yard line number with Bills red or blue to show support for Hamlin.

The Bills have already released a video of the team painting their tribute on the field to Hamlin, which you can see here.

Bills Uniform Patches

Hamlin’s team, the Buffalo Bills, will be wearing a No. 3 patch to show support for the safety during their regular season finale against the Patriots at home on Sunday.

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