‘Samurai Burger Challenge’: Could you eat a 6.5-pound sandwich?


There’s a new eating contest at a Japanese-style fast food restaurant in Elgin – and it’s garnering attention from YouTubers like Raina Huang and Randy Santel.

Gabutto Burger is challenging customers to eat a sandwich stacked nearly 1.5  feet tall. The restaurant’s owners have devised the ‘Samurai Warrior Burger Challenge.’  

It’s a 6-and-a-half pound, 12-thousand calorie sandwich that includes four burger patties, two fried chicken patties, two shrimp patties, four fried eggs, layers of bacon, lettuce, cheese, onions, tomatoes, a number of sauces, buns, and other breads.  

“We wanted to try something crazy that’s why we put all the flavors,” said Masaru Wachi, the restaurant’s co-owner. “I would guess like over 10,000 calories, maybe 12,000.” 

They top it off – and hold it all together – with a small Samurai sword.  

It costs about $60 – and if you finish the entire ‘Samurai burger’ within 30 minutes, it’s free. Plus, you get to keep the sword.  

Co-owner Kenneth Edwards says it’s a much different twist on standard food challenges like hot dog eating contests.

“The hot dog’s boring,” Edwards said. “You’re just eating hot dogs. This, each layer is something different, a different flavor, a different texture, might be shrimp.” 

Kiet Nguyen, a 33-year-old, tried to finish the gargantuan sandwich but lost his appetite after about 18 minutes, and half of the sandwich eaten.

“I’m going to have to call it,” he said. “Can’t put anything else down. Just can’t do it. Calling quits.” 

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