Ricky O’Donnell talks Bulls on ‘9 Good Minutes’


CHICAGO – There were a few choices that teams had to make this offseason in the National Basketball Association: Improve their team, stay put, or start on a path towards restructuring for the future.

The Bulls chose the middle path with the hopes that their core could have a full season together healthy and give the front office a chance to see what the really have with this group.

Doing so may have put the Bulls behind a few other teams in the Eastern Conference who made upgrades to their roster this offseason. On top of that, the team won’t even have their full group together for a least a bit after Lonzo Ball’s knee surgery on Wednesday.

Ricky O’Donnell of SB Nation appeared on “9 Good Minutes” on WGN News Now to discuss those decisions made by the Bulls in the offseason and his view on its benefits.

He also discussed the injury to ball and the major impact that will have on the team and who might end up replacing him when the season opens up on October 19th in Miami. Ricky also gave his thoughts on Zach LaVine’s return to the team on a max contract and what will be expected out of him as the season progresses.

With a number of teams in the Eastern Conference making improvements this year, where do the Bulls stack up now compared to last Spring? Ricky also gives his opinion on that as well.

You can watch the SB Nation writer’s full discussion with Larry Hawley on “9 Good Minutes” on WGN News Now in the video above.

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