Rice Meal For P10? Why The Popular P10 Pastil In Quiapo Hasn’t Changed Its Price For More Than 20 Years


Feeling hungry but only have P10 budget? Go to Quiapo and your P10 could go a long way. It could even buy you a delicious rice and viand meal! But can you sustain a business by offering P10 meal? We’ll find out more below.

If you don’t know what pastil is, then you’re definitely missing out a lot. It’s a delicious rice meal wrapped in banana leaves with shredded chicken or beef. It is originally from Maguindanao and is a popular rice meal in Mindanao, especially among Filipino Muslims. Now, it has found its way into the streets of Quiapo, Manila for everyone to enjoy.

Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

And now, pastil has become so popular in Quiapo that there’s always a queue of hungry customers ready to chow down on this delicious meal. Food and travel vlogger Manuel Olazo learned the story behind the successful pastil business in Quiapo. He got to speak with Kadafi, one of the owners of pastil stores in Quiapo.

Asked why he decided to open a pastil store in Quiapo, Kadafi shared that he took the opportunity because the place is often crowded with people looking for cheap finds. He explained that the pastil is perfect for those looking for an affordable meal.

“Kasi dito maraming vendors ‘di ba? Eh, siyempre mga mura lang ang mga paninda natin diyan. Sampung piso ang pastil, talagang pang-masa talaga,” the pastil shop owner explained.

“Akalain niyo meron pa palang dadatnan ang sampung piso sa dami ng taas ng mga bilihin ngayon. Yung sampung piso, meron pa palang aabutin noh. At dito ‘yun. Sampung piso, may kanin na at ulam pa,” the food vlogger shared.

Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

Talking about the recipe of the pastil that has truly captivated the tastebuds of their many customers, the owner said the viand is like a spicy adobo with no vinegar. It’s shredded chicken cooked with soy sauce, chilis, garlic, and other seasonings. They place it on top of hot rice and wrapped it in banana leaves. A simple dish but with a winning flavor!

According to Kadafi, they have been selling pastil for over 2 years. No wonder, they have perfected the recipe! Plus, Kadafi shared that they didn’t increase their price for almost 30 years. He shared that they started with a Halal eatery until they shifted to selling pastil.

“Yung pastil namin, sir, 20 years mahigit mag-thirty years na hanggang ngayon, sampung piso pa rin. Hindi nagbago,” the owner proudly shared.

The pastil store owner said that their pastil is a big hit because it’s affordable. “Dito sa pastil, sampu o bente, busog na sila,” he said.

The pastil stores in Quiapo are another reminder of how businesses can still be sustained without increasing their prices. It may be tough and needs careful planning but it can be done. Another perfect example is the popular P2 lugaw of Mang Romy in Valenzuela.

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