Retired Chicago officer’s lost ring returned through coincidence and connection


CHICAGO — A little bit of faith and good detective work helped recover retired Chicago Police officer Larry Krause’s missing graduation ring.

Krause graduated from the police academy in 1965 and his late mother gifted him a ring to commemorate the occasion, and that ring has served a special place in his heart ever since.  

Once retired, Krause moved to Arkansas. He said he never took the ring off every step of the way — until he lost it one day.

After spending time and time again looking for the ring, Krause sent a prayer out to St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of lost things.

Krause exhausted almost every connection, but luck would turn out to be on his side as his ring was recovered due to a coincidence and a connection that spans all the way from Chicago to Arkansas.

Amy Guevara, a Chicago Public Schools teacher was vising her aunt in Arkansas. Her aunt is a Walmart cashier and had spotted the ring on the floor of a Walmart near Krause home.

Guevara said her aunt asked her about the ring.

“My aunt came to me, as a Chicago resident and said ‘Hey I found this ring, it’s a Chicago cop’s ring. I looked online and couldn’t find anything. Could you help me?’” she said.

Guevara brought the ring back to Chicago and got in touch with a friend at the Office of Emergency Management and Communications. And with the help of a CPD officer she was able to trace the ring back to Krause—all the way back in Arkansas.

“I got a phone call that asked if lost a ring,” Krause said. “I was amazed that it turned up in Chicago.”

Officer Carmen Lopez, the Chicago police officer who assisted Guevara in the case, said she was very touched by the retired officer’s appreciation for being reunited with his special ring.

“It was special because I got to feel the specialness for my aunt and from people that weren’t involved who became involved in research,” Guevara said. “We were all detectives I guess, together?”

Guevara’s aunt met Krause at the store in Arkansas last month and a beloved keepsake was brought full circle.

“I’m sure my mother in heaven is very happy that the ring was reunited with her son,” Krause said.

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