Residents of senior apartment say they have not had heat for days


CHICAGO — Residents at a senior apartment building on Chicago’s South Side have gone without heat for over three days.

The building located on West 21Place in the South Lawndale neighborhood has not had heat since Christmas Day and residents claim it just the latest on a long list of problems.

Residents WGN News spoke with said multiple problems have gone months without being fixed.

The 17-story public housing building has 350 units and more than 200 are occupied.

It has been in the community for almost 50 years. 

According to the residents pipes burst on Christmas morning causing the lobby and several parts of the Chicago Housing Authority building to flood. Then they said the heat went out.

Many seniors said they had turned to other methods to keep warm, like using space heaters and stoves. They also said constantly dealing with bed bugs, rodents, broken elevators and are calling on CHA to fix the issues.

They will be meeting this morning to voice their concerns on the ongoing safety and quality of life issues.

WGN News has reached out to CHA for comment and are waiting their response.

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