Republicans clash ahead of Speaker of the House vote


WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – On Capitol Hill, Republicans have been fighting among themselves and have not managed to reach an agreement that guarantees leader Kevin McCarthy will become Speaker of the House.

House Republicans are openly clashing over who should lead the party in the next Congress.

“It is clear that they want a gun to Kevin’s head,” Rep. Crenshaw (R-TX) said.

Crenshaw is ripping into the House Freedom Caucus for trying to prevent McCarthy from becoming Speaker of the House unless he meets their demands.

“It’s this thinking like they’re more special than everyone else. All of us who worked really, really hard to get these numbers, to get people elected, to raise money for them, this group didn’t do that,” Crenshaw said.

The Conservative Freedom Caucus wants to reinstate a rule that would allow them to recall the Speaker of the House if they are unhappy with his work.

McCarthy’s party has only a slim majority in the next Congress, but he says he’s still confident the party will unite.

“I think people are in a much better place and I think we’ll all find a place to get together,” Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) said.

While it’s unlikely he could get the needed votes, Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries says he’s also on the ballot.

“I’m trying to get every vote that I possibly can right now on January 3 and expect that Democrats will come together,” Rep. Jeffries (D-NY) said.

 And Jeffries is not ready to help Republicans.

“They have to organize on the Republican side, let’s see what happens on January 3,” Jeffries said.

But if McCarthy fails to become speaker, it may also be possible for Republicans and Democrats to vote together and select a more moderate Republican.

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