Ramen-On-Wheels Business, A Hit Business Idea Earning Over P150K A Month


Kenneth Sonza of Izuyama Ramen PH shared how a simple night craving turned into their motivation to venture into their own ramen business.

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According to Kenneth, he and his wife were craving a piping hot bowl of ramen one night. Since it was the pandemic, he decided to just cook one since it was difficult to go out. When his wife enjoyed it, Kenneth thought of it’s potential as a good business idea.

“Nagstart ang business one night noong pandemic. Miss na miss namin ang Japan kasi galing si mommy namin doon. Nami-miss namin yung ramen, masarap yung sabaw. Tapos may ingredient na natira. May noodles kami. Tapos nag-try ako magluto kasi mahilig akong magluto,” Kenneth shared in an episode of GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Kenneth soon decided to offer his ramen to the public by starting his own ramen business. To give it a twist, he launched a ramen-on-wheels business. On his first day, he prepared 22 bowls, which he was able to successfully sell. Now, Kenneth gets to sell over 30 to 50 bowls of ramen each night.

The hardworking entrepreneur shows how he’s very hands-on in managing his business. At around 4:00 in the afternoon, he started preparing his ramen-on-wheels restaurant. By 6 in the evening, he’s ready to accept customers. Kenneth’s bestselling Chashu yama ramen sells for P289 per bowl.

According to Kenneth, he makes sure to use the best products and ingredients for his ramen. He even orders some of them from Japan to give his ramen an authentic taste.

Kenneth shared he started from a capital of P5,000 and it only took him around 3 days to earn it back. His ramen is a sure hit as he’s now earning P130,000 to P150,000 a month. He admitted that there are always challenges in managing a business. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to keep the passion for your business burning.

“Passion, dedication. Maniwala ka sa produktong tinitinda mo. Huwag kang mapapagod. Hindi araw-araw sa negosyo mo pasko. Talagang may mga araw na matumal. Pero dapat everyday, kapag nagtitinda ka, excited ka sa ginagawa mo,” he said.

How To Make Chashu Yama Ramen

In a hot pan, sear the pork belly and start adding the spices and condiments. When the pork reaches a golden brown color, start transferring it to a pot with pork broth to boil until tender. You can add onion, garlic, and other spices to the broth to make it more tender and flavorful. Once cooked, this will be your chashu. Slice it thinly before adding it to your bowl of ramen.

Start assembling your ramen noodles in a bowl. Add in the togue, garlic, and slices of chashu. For extra flavor, you can toast the chashu with torch. Then, pour in the hot, flavorful broth.

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