Rainbow Push Coalition holds press conference to get people out to vote


CHICAGO — As politicians work the final days before the election, Rainbow Push is making sure they get voters out to vote.

A press conference was held by the organization Saturday to motivate voters to do just that — vote — either through early voting or showing up to the polls on election day.

Though the conference was populated largely with Illinois democrats, the message remains the same — no matter the party, vote.

Bishop Tavis Grant, from Rainbow Push Coalition said 15 million voters failed to vote during the last election cycle and many of them avoided it due to intimidation at the polls.

“The attack on voting rights is the biggest threat to democracy that we’ve seen in a very long time,” said Alexi Giannoulaias, an Illinois Secretary of State Candidate.

According to Max Bever, member of the Chicago Board of Elections, the city’s early voting process has gone smoothly.

“We haven’t seen any interference at any of our early voting centers,” bever said. “But there are secure drop boxes for vote by mail ballots. It’s been a popular option for people within Chicago.”

At least, 108,000 early votes and 98,000 mail-in ballots are in for Chicago alone, as many precincts and ward’s maps may have changed.

Early voting sites are open for all residents with day-of voter registration available.

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